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  • djwaldow 262w ago

    Who is the dude on the right?

  • summerjoy 262w ago

    Kind of creeping me out. Orrrrrr double awesome?

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Remember that time at #mpb2b when @cspenn scared 1,000 marketers just a little bit? Ahhhh, memories! Thank you to Quarry for sponsoring and to @kingmanink for your skills 🙌 #ai #christopherpennisactuallysmart
A special thank you to @stickermule for providing the amazing #mpb2b flair. They're an incredible partner - please follow them for great deals on branded stickers, pins, and more 👌
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That's a wrap! Thank you all for joining us for this year's #mpb2b - we'll see you next year in SAN FRANCISCO! #naptime
Another amazing morning at #MPB2B with our Photo Walk hosted by the wonderful @stevegarfield! 📷
#mpb2b is officially OPEN!
Thanks to @stevegarfield for the great shot of Ann and our Overzealous Intern! 💃🏻
Jay just flew in and boy are his arms tired! Workshop day is here and registration is open! #mpb2b
Last chance to get in! Grab one of a few last B2B Forum seats! Join us for our last time in Boston! Code BYEBOSTON at saves 💰💰💰!! #mpb2b #fomo #cutenessoverload
Guess who has two wings and is flying in for the 2017 B2B Marketing Forum? THIS GUY >> 🐦!! Jay Bird will see you soon, Boston! #mpb2b
It's almost heeeeeeere! ⏳ B2B Marketing Forum attendees: Check your mailbox! 🐦📬 Someone has a special & punny note to you! 💌 #marketingprofs #mpb2b #puntastic
Lunch with Ann Handley today in Boston was a huge hit! Our new friend Lisa won a free pass to our B2B Marketing Forum in October (swipe left to see the lucky winner!) 🏆 She's a B2B content creator just launching her own business, and the MarketingProfs B2B Forum is going to be a ***GAME CHANGER*** for her. And it will be for you -- but you gotta be there! Use code BYEBOSTON for $200 off. We won't be in Boston next year -- don't miss out. 😍Visit (link in bio.)*
Don't forget your code: BYEBOSTON 👋🏻
We don't want you to panic but today is the ***LAST DAY*** to save $200 on the premier business-to-business marketing event, the MarketingProfs B2B Forum! LAST DAY to save cash money. LAST DAY to not pay sticker price. ✔️ Register at, and enjoy the rest of your summer pool time knowing you'll be ridiculously awesome come October 3-6! ⭐️ #dontmissout #mpb2b i#evenmoreawesomewhenhydrated #nowpanicandfreakout
We're getting excited! The MarketingProfs B2B Forum is just 9️⃣ weeks away! Who's joining us in Boston?! 🙋🏻🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🙋🏿🙋🏾‍♂️#bringyoursmartypants #bringyourpartypants #BOS #mpb2b