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Is anyone else seeing a #fall #pepper crop coming in? My #jalapeños are producing flowers after already giving me a great #summer #harvest! #capsicumannuum
Last #watermelon of the #summer making its way to the finish line. I pruned back all the fruitless vines so this baby is getting ALL of the nutrients and water from the soil. By my estimates it's about 15 lbs right now. 10 more to go! #crimsonsweet
Before ➡️ During ➡️ DONE! When #weeds took over the #frontyard, @layennie and I decided to pull everything out and start from scratch. We removed all of the #plants and rocks, drenched the yard, and covered it with 2-mil clear #plasticsheeting. Over the next 6 weeks, the sun will heat the top 12" of soil to 110°F, essentially steam-killing the weeds + seeds (the whole process is called #solarizing). It also improves #soil quality. Then we'll rake up the dead weeds and start #landscaping!
Aug 2 ➡️ (swipe) ➡️ Sep 19! My #sweetpotatoes are really coming along!! Sometimes in November or December they should be ready for harvest 🍠🍠🍠
Can't believe this #cucumber plant is still producing! Come October I'll tear it out along with the massive tomato plants and plant the fall garden -- excited to try #brusselsprouts for the first time!