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  Posted: Jul 2, 2012 7:38 PM FEED
9 Sierra

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I read a lot of #metoo posts and Im shocked how many girls were abused, harassed etc.. So Im feeling pretty lucky because I never went thru these things.. and if I would speak about catcallers I have to admit couple of things >>> If you look like a whore waiting for the client at the street in the middle of the night, dont be surprised that some men gonna act like you are what you look like / Most of those men (catcallers) are like dogs (not the best comparison, I know), if they bark, they usually dont bite / Dont be a victim all the time! Sometimes I feel I have to be a victim just because I was born as a female. Bullshit! You dont like something? Stop being quiet..speak, act, scream..!!! Yes, you are not that physically strong as a man but that doesnt mean you have to let man do anything with you..Fight for yourself! Always! ✊ P.S. If you are small, weak and skinny girl, not a hero really, just like me 🙈 find a good protector ☝️ just like I did..having bodybuilder as a husband can be very handy 😁😉💪🏼
I cant get enough of this incredible view !!! 😍
Heaven is a place on earth with you..🌫They say that the world was built for two..👫 #MyFirstCrush
I think I found a place where I want to live ❤
Me couple years ago in my favorite hotel in Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay..what a tragedy happened in such a beautiful place like this 😢🙏 its so sad..REST IN PEACE.. #prayforlasvegas 🕊
I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them..🌆