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Got my headset on Toy Story shirt on and my controller in my hand haha am I a nerd ? 😂😂
Haven't posted anything in a while 😳
@jarrenbenton this new album is sick!!! 👌🏽🤘🏽👌🏽🤘🏽
Added a stitch decal to stitch today 😊
A thow back of my best friends birthday just remembering how much fun we had that night @zeke_cheque just wanted to say I love ya bro and I'm happy everything has been working out amazingly since we have moved out together!!!
Family, friends I have horrible news my best friend, roommate is a monster!!! I was just enjoying Facebook until I came across this horrible sight 😔 @the_dagnel @aurontodd @daveycricket93 😂😂😂
Hey guys the office I work at is looking for more part time or full time positions if anybody is interested please message me interviews are tomorrow. Must be 18 years or older and be able to pass a background check. If you have any questions call my hiring manager Jesus 9094469417
Out here with my best friend, my homie, my roommate @zeke_cheque on our little mini vacation to Rosarito... It's times like this we are going to look back and reminisce about and remember the amazing times we had 😊