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  Posted: Jun 23, 2012 10:20 PM FEED
11 Toaster
First things first ...

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Feels like summer again 💛💛 I received sooo many messages filled with amazing ways to conquer fear of flying. Thinking I'll compile them into a post ✈️ You guys are the best xx #liketkit
About to pull a Shannon from RHOC, "This is not my plate!!!" Except it is 🍰🍰🍰 And I paid for it today at the gym! After five days of eating out, I'm excited to be home and "cook" AKA me putting everything that's in the fridge into a giant bowl. 🍛👩🏼‍🍳 #worthit #crepesforthewin
Always sunny in San Antonio 💛 Still haven't bought a new camera yet, so we're iPhone only for now. How are we doing?!
Because everything's better with a red lip ☕️💋 Sweet sips at @larderatemma Scroll for more pics! {I may/may not have posted too many} #kissforthecure
If fall were an outfit, according to moi 🌹But tomorrow we're going to Texas, so I'll be in cutoffs & short dresses for the next five days 🌻🌵
The last known photo of me before a series of meltdowns 😔 Last night my car was broken into and my camera was stolen. I'm usually so careful about not leaving valuables in my car, but I wasn't paying attention, I totally forgot I even had it with me. I felt so embarrassed that I even let this happen to me and angry that these things actually happen in the world(?!), not to mention how violating it feels. After getting everything taken care of this morning, I can't help but feel a bit emotional about how grateful I am for the army of people who I realized are there for me when bad things like this happen (knock on wood). I feel very, very lucky! Like my sweet sister who waited for so long with me until the police came and my amazing boyfriend for his calming words and for patching up my car with a trash bag in the middle of the night. For my parents who, thankfully, have my car on their insurance policy, making it possible for me to get reimbursed for my camera. And all the friends who gave me such helpful advice throughout my first incident like this. Lesson learned and, thankfully, these are only material things that can be replaced. ❤️ I did love my outfit last night though, so I've linked everything here for you: #liketkit
Fresh flowers to brighten this gloomy day 🌸 Sharing my 5 favorite foundations today on & sharing a sneak peek of one of them now on Stories #ootd #fallstyle #sezane
In slouchy boots, taking in the first days of fall! Thanks to @DSWShoeLovers 🍂 Shop using the link in my bio / Full look on my blog #MyDSW #ad
"I'm here for the fall party, but I can't stay long," says my new glitzy, open-toed booties from @DSWShoeLovers ✨✨ Living for chic transitional pieces like this right now. Click the link in my bio to shop these boots or visit to see the full look. #MyDSW #ad
Where have you been all my life? 💭Meet the GLOSSIE by @instyler - A ceramic styling brush that combines the softness of a blowout with the sleekness of a straightener and I'm obsessed. Would you likes me to show you how I use it to style my hair tomorrow on IG Stories? Let me know! 💗💅🏻 You can use the code THEFASHIONABLYBROKE for 20% off $75+ on