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Unbelievable how much this place has changed! I miss it so much and definitely wish I'd gone to @christophernewportu now! Glad I got to see this impressive "Student Success Center" and the new Alumni House before heading out. #ProudCaptain #CNU #ACaptainForLife #alumni #alum #christophernewportuniversity #cupolasEVERYWHERE!
So year after year after year, @andypoindexter invites me to celebrate his birthday at #BuschGardensWilliamsburg. And sadly, living in NYC, I'm never ever to make it. But this year, I'm FINALLY here!!! And of course, we MUST take a pic with Mr, Grogan! #buschgardens #drinkingbuddies
Packing up our kitchen and I came across this #DeliriumTremens glass. When @mscaptjack and I first started dating, we used to go to a restaurant called MexiBBQ in Astoria for date nights. On one of those first dates, I ordered a Delirium and loved the glass so much, I asked the waitress if I could buy it. She got the manager, @gennarocuozzo, who said yes and he chatted with us for a little while. We continued going each week, ordering the usual, getting to know each other more and talking to Genarro more. I went on to bartend there eventually meeting, among others, my close #friends @pasqwalle and @thecritch7! It may just be a glass but it reminds me of the great #friendships I've made here in #Astoria #NYC. Going to miss this place...and these friends. #mexibbq #glassware #love #memories #goodbyeNYC
Well, I think we're getting better at this whole "family photo" thing! Happy Birthday to my lovely sister, @oh_hai_gurl! Love you to death and can't wait to see you & Aubrey this weekend! #HappyBirthday #brothersister #family #familyphotos #love
MAJOR LAYLI & RYAN NEWS: In just about FOUR weeks, Layli and I will be saying goodbye to #NYC and moving to sunny #LosAngeles, #California!!! We've considered this move a few times over the last couple years and now that we are #engaged, we cannot think of a better place to start the next chapter of our lives. New York City has been a rollercoaster for the past seven years of my life (five for Layli) and we'll miss many parts of it - in particular the close friendships forged in that time. Big opportunities await on the west coast and we're very excited to set forth on a new #adventure together! We're planning a party for sometime in the middle of October and we hope to say farewell to as many of our NYC friends as possible. We'll keep you all updated. -Love, R & L
#weremoving #westcoastbestcoast #socal #californialove #peaceoutNYC #newadventures
Now you see me. Now you don't.
What you also don't see anymore after this one are my sunglasses. Wah Wah.
#beach #beachday #weekendgetaway #fireisland #fairharbor #waves #ocean
A little #FBF from this day last year! Sad we missed @bryantparknyc square dance this year - but this pic can never be replaced! It's even the pic used on Bryant Park's website to promote this year's event! #bpsquaredance #bryantpark #squaredance #nyc @mscaptjack @jillianvanniel @apageofmary @lahoudmovement @ohmelard