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Back to green fish and had a blast doing it. No big girls but caught almost 30 fish all flipping wood. Been a while since I did that
Almost joined the six pound club with this one! Sacked em up and Had an awesome trip, high hook club on the nitro this week. Cool back story, the wind was blowwwwing today, and when this fish jumped out of the water and threw slack in the line, the line blew back and wrapped around my rod tip. Landed my new pb by hand lining it in on 8 lb line.
Learning more and more. Over 23 pounds of smallies today, all out of 30 feet or more, having a blast
lol I caught someone's grandfather. This fool must of been like 20 years old
Not the one I was looking for but 2 of my homies got giants today so I am pumped
Something like 2 years ago. Jay went to jail today lol. Been a bumpy road but you came a long way. C u in 60
She see money all around me, I look like I'm the man
Working at my homies grandparents house today, his grandmother planted this tree around the time he was born. He got sentenced to 7 years yesterday, and she sends him pictures of this tree during each season of the year. Hope it looks good enough for you, we'll be here waiting for you to touch down #freedarron
Sunnier days and getting my guys into some dumb shit
Hate me cause I ain't shit, hate me cause I'm the man
Just leanin on my shovel in this graveyard of dreams
When ur trying to get to ur spot on a blown out tide
Some days I don't give myself enough credit