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Wishing everyone a lovely Thanksgiving weekend 🍂🦃 So many things to be thankful for xx
Luckily we still like you even though you are #23 Happy Birthday too our little hippy, flower child 🌻 Can't wait to see where this year takes you 💕 xx
Sitting here planning my next escape ✈️🌍
Happy 23rd birthday to my beautiful kiwi 🥝💕 Don't know anyone more deserving of a special day, so proud of you and everything you have accomplished! Love and miss you so so much bestie 👯 🎉🤙🏽🥂
Boots and a lot of hearts 💕💕💕
At least I didn't lose the hat, am I right? #bootsandhearts
Yeah, you know no better 🐒
If anyone needs boots wristbands, hollla at your girl 💁🏽🎉😬
Fetch me another drink would ya 😏
Body like a back road we didn't drive but our eyes are closed
Took awhile for the wind to pick up... proud Canadian even though Mother Nature thinks we are in London 🌧 #happybirthdaycanada🇨🇦
Look who I found wandering the streets of Newmarket 👯💕
Thanks for being my best friend and always making me laugh 💕 You are the best dad, Happy Father's Day! Can't wait to rock out to Nickelback next week 🤘🏽
Engagement parties may be my new favourite function 💁🏽💕🍾
Safe to say we got kicked out of the photo booth shortly after this.....
Another May 24 weekend for the books 👯🎉💕 @rydawg125
Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mom 🌸 fingers crossed I got majority of your genes, so I look as good as you one day! 🤞🏽 You can have all the vino you want tonight, it's your day 🍷 cheers, love youuu xox
Jays won today.... in case you missed the game 💙#punintended