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The bad news is that I lost my phone in Taipei 2 weeks ago when it fell out of my bicycle 4 hours before my flight so I didn’t have much time to try looking. The good news is I got it back yesterday thanks to the street performer who picked it up who passed it to the Apple store guys who passed it to @2evilfish who was on her way to Bangkok from Toronto. Humans can be so amazing.... not me though
Waiting 30 minutes for a 30 second exhibition is testament of how population white paper is a bad fucking idea. We do NOT need more peoples Singapore!!! Other than that, I had a good day
That time Phoenix came to town and the entire hipster population of bangkok was there
If you can't handle the sass you can't handle the ass
Happy Singapore Day! Today I put on a temporary tattoo of the flag like we did as kids and thought about how much I missed things like teh tarik, the Bay skyline, low taxes, cpf, and an exhaustive supper scene. Always close to me, little red dot 🇸🇬 #majulahsingapura
Happy first day of school to my brother who just left on a one-way flight to Melbourne! May the next couple of years see you exploring far and wide, making mistakes big and small, and finding a little bit more of yourself everyday. And because mom would probably want me to say this: study the hardest you ever have 📖 We're behind you!
Spent my Wednesday evening in this private boutique cinema watching an indie documentary with some elderflower soda and truffle popcorn. Definitely going to make this a regular thing
The kind of place you want to spend your entire day at — there's books, coffee, oysters, beer, kiddy center, craft workshops, and strong AC as you look upon sweltering Bangkok
This place was like someone had a lot of paint and a lot of junk
They say that a father is the first man in a daughter's life to show her what love is; her first hero, her best teacher. Thank you for being a constant reminder of unconditional kindness, selflessness, & love to me since the day I was born. Happy father's day to the biggest man in my life ❤️ ft. me pouting over why the ocean isn't blue
A different way of life you need to experience for yourself
Waited all morning for the clouds to dissapate only to have the dust take over
Talented and curious baby owl at the porch of my hotel. It brought out an emotional side of me I never knew I had (reuploaded — added a FREE bonus video for you guys)