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I have been cleared to workout again... gainz there shall be.
i cant workout like i used to for a few weeks but can still do minor work on upper body. i am not giving up, even tho injury wants me to
have to keep reminding myself. I have a tendency to get so far and stop. now the focus is completely centered on building a strong self, inner and outer.
heavy chest day, finished w triceps pressdown. photo courtesy of the great @a.dam_myers
other than how white I am, gettin back to my old self. minor improvements, lats especially, but workin hard has never been so satisfying
every athletes post workout meal :) chicken, organic brown rice and organic broccoli. HMB for recovery
tryin something new: dymatize iso 100 birthday cake w raspberries, blueberries and blackberries :)
appetite is finally back. on the right track again
just picked up the glock 26 gen 4.
seems like goin to the grocery store will dent the wallet pretty hard today. organic is not cheap, but rather pay the money then worry if something was sprayed on my fruits and veggies