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Picked some fuerte avocados from our tree tonight. There’s a few more but they’re not as big as this. The reed avocados are surely taking their time to grow as well.
I was going to try something different but ended up getting always the same thing. Rice vermicelli with beef, grilled shrimp, and fried egg roll. Extra spicy fish sauce for the dressing.
Salmon kama for lunch. I would have 2 or 3 if I had the time 😋.
One of my favourite ramen place to go to. Had the spicy beef this time. It’s never too spicy for me so I always ask for extra chili sauce.
This is a very SAD looking Rueben sandwich!!! Enough said.
Slow Country - fried chicken with biscuit gravy and two sunny side up eggs. Very good.
Uggghhh, it sounded so good when the waiter mentioned the special; but that’s just it, it wasn’t special at all. The only thing I liked was the lump crab.
I wish I had gotten this for dinner, shrimp risotto with that Cajun spice! It made me regret my own plate 😔.
A trio of appetizers but I just couldn’t get myself to try the alligator balls. This coming from a guy who wanted a turtle soup ha ha ha. With fried green tomatoes and lump crab; grilled favourite was the fried green tomatoes.
A cup of jambalaya soup with white rice and a corn bread. I really like the brunch here.
Turtle soup, I’ve always wanted to try this ever since I saw my favourite foodie film of all time, the Academy Award winning Danish film “Babette’s Feast” in 1988. However, it looked different in the film.
Muffuletta the Italian sandwich which was created in Central Grocery Store. It's good.
King's cake provided to us during the tour. My sister got the piece of cake with baby Jesus.
Foie Gras Burger
Brioche bun, sunny-side up egg, duck bacon, foie gras fondue, foie gras ice cream root beer float.

Foie gras everywhere, loving it!!! The foie gras could have been bigger 😜 and egg white cooked more (a lot of it was still clear/too raw for me!). But I was so glad to have found foie gras!
Sweet Potato Beignets
Foie gras fondue & chicory coffee ganache
It's a dense, savoury beignets; not too sweet and you get a mild taste of the foie gras.
Beignets and a cup of coffee. The last time I was here in 2006, I think the price was the same.
Damn, this New Orleans iced coffee is sooo good!
Hurricane daiquiri for this hot and humid day in New Orleans.
Gnocchi with oxtail. A bit salty but really good.