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theqonfox 289w ago
@santigold -Disparate Youth #dopevid

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On November 1st I'll be hosting " In The Mix Philly" millennial networking event! Get your tickets at
At @malcolmjenkins27 4th annual Blitz, Bow-Ties & Bourbon event with my FAMILY! Maya, Kala, Roman, and @lamontbrown215
TONIGHT!!! #Repost @malcolmjenkins27
Excited for the 4th Annual Blitz, Bow-Ties & Bourbon event on October 16th. Join me and my @Eagles teammates as we raise funds to benefit Summer S.T.E.A.M, one of the many programs of @themjfoundation. Be a part of giving back like a pro and get your VIP tickets. Blitz to those tickets now before they run out! Link in bio. #27Blitz4Philly
Meet Dave Allan, He was the general manager at Power 99 when I started back in 1997. He is now a Marketing Professor( P.H.D) at Saint Joseph's University here in Philadelphia. He brought me in to talk to the SJU American Marketing Association. He created a culture at Power 99 (along with a few others) of excellence!! Dave is always helping, he has no ego, just an all around great person. He gave me one of the biggest compliments the other day that will stick with me moving forward. He said " no one is more self- made than me" (trust me I've had plenty of help) . I understood, and I appreciate him for always being in my corner.
Check out @djmalcgeez he's turning his ig live into a party
Last night I hosted the @beardfoundation Taste America event. I had a great time!
See why @kimfieldsofficial and I are dancing on The Q Today! Tune in at 12pm and 12:30am
Knew my guys from the basement
This ain't no met along the way
We done really put some days in - Drake with @jonesboy215 @lamontbrown215 Koron
Did you miss comedian, @richieredding on the show today? Catch The Q at 12:30 a.m ! #TheQonFox29
Don't mind me, I'll be at the basketball court working on my left hand lol
Last week we had our first wedding proposal! @philadoptables has just released their Hunks for hounds 2018 calendar ( it can be purchased at @jewopi felt like it was s good time to take things to the next level on #theqonfox ! What will happen this week? Tune in at 12p or 12:30a @fox29philly to find out!
Harlem shaking through the pressure! Ttm @sterlingspov ... shoutout to Stoney’s Barber Shop in reading pa for the shirt!
One of my former interns brought this to my attention, he battles and I'm here to raise awareness, nothing but love for you Chris!!! Depression makes the world change from color to black and white. Tag 10 people to symbolize 1 in 10 Americans battle depression #LLA let's raise awareness! Mental illness Awareness week
@imericacampbell came to #theqonfox we talked about her radio show, tv show, new music... she does it all! Plus she performed! Ttm @producertommy #marymary #ericacampbell #blacklove