Tithe Farming in Osrs Is Getting an Update

Here’s what you need to know about the Tithe Farm update in OSRS.

In Old School RuneScape, the Tithe Farm minigame stands out as the sole farming-focused minigame available. Previously, playing the minigame was primarily a means to save OSRS GP by reducing the costs of training the Farming skill. However, Jagex has introduced an update that now allows players to not only save money but also earn OSRS gold through the addition of herb boxes to the minigame’s rewards shop.

The inclusion of herb boxes in the rewards shop provides a new avenue for players to generate income while engaging in the Tithe Farm minigame. These herb boxes function similarly to the ones obtained with Nightmare Zone points (NMZ points), which players can exchange for various rewards. However, there exists a crucial difference between the herb boxes obtained from Tithe Farm and those obtained from NMZ.

The key distinction lies in the contents of the herb boxes. While NMZ herb boxes contain a variety of herbs, the herb boxes obtained from the Tithe Farm minigame offer primarily low-level herbs. This disparity in herb quality affects their market value, with NMZ herb boxes typically being more valuable due to the inclusion of higher-tier herbs. Nonetheless, the addition of herb boxes as a reward in the Tithe Farm minigame provides players with an additional income stream and a way to supplement their OSRS gold earnings while engaging in farming-related gameplay.

Ironman Herb Boxes

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As an ironman, you cannot buy the herb boxes from the nightmare zone rewards shop, and the only resource you can get are scrolls of redirect. This has made a radical difference in leveling Herblore between regular accounts that can simply spend OSRS GP buying the herbs and ironman accounts that must drop or plant them themselves. This enables regular OSRS accounts for sale to earn OSRS gold by obtaining and selling herbs from the herb boxes. Besides the supercompost and compost, you can also get from the minigame.

There’s another aspect that led to the decision to add herb boxes to one minigame and not the other for ironman accounts. Since you can AFK at the Nightmare Zone for up to 20 minutes and earn NMZ points, you could get virtually unlimited amounts of herbs with little to no effort and then use them to level up your herblore. On the other hand, the Tithe Farm minigame is anything but AFKable. You must click and focus at very short intervals to keep your plants from dying and earn points.

Bologa’s Blessings

This is another improvement targeting ironman players since regular accounts generally use other means to obtain Zamorak wine, and the supply on the Grand Exchange is mainly given by high-level PvMers who obtain it as a drop from various bosses such as Nex, Vet’ion, or the Kalphite Queen and a few other monsters around Gielinor.

The Wine of Zamorak is a crucial ingredient for ironman players in making ranging pots. However, as an ironman, you will need a reliable source before reaching the point of efficiently killing any of those monsters. Suppose you want to avoid collecting the wine manually from the Chaos druids or adventure yourself in the Wilderness. In that case, you can use Bologa’s blessing and pick up grapes at Hosidius vinery using your Farming skill to obtain Zamorak’s grapes which you can later make into wine with your Cooking skill.

Solo Instance

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Before the update, you could quickly encounter other players inside the Tithe Farm minigame. While most of the interactions were ok, and most players just minded their farming routines, other times, the minigame design allowed other players to interfere with your gameplay and even ruin your run.

Whether they were purely doing it for their fun or because they didn’t want to put in the great effort to hop to another world or who knows what other reasons they might have had, you can now rest assured that you’ll never encounter players inside the Tithe Farm minigame. There’s no more griefing with this update since the minigame has been moved to solo instances where you can enjoy all the plots. It’s not like you could have had a dialogue with anyone else during the click-intensive minigame.

More Seeds

Before the update, you could only bring 100 seeds at a time inside the minigame and had to go out to get more before you could continue. Now you can farm without interruptions because you’ll be able to bring ten thousand seeds inside at a time, and they will potentially give you weeks of farming depending on how efficient you are.


Before the update, the Tithe Farm minigame had one of the most frustrating point systems since you would not get points for the first 3rd part of the whole process that involved the 100 seeds you could take in. After the update, you will get the points more frequently and steadier. Every time you deposit 3 plants, you will earn 1 point and get a 2-point bonus for every 100 plants you deposit.

Same Old, Same Old

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A few things’ll stay the same even after the update. For one, the minigame remains the only place where you can obtain the Farmers’ outfit and the quality-of-life upgrade that will prevent weeds from growing in your farming patches (auto-weeding), as well as some other tools that are useful for Farming, such as Gricoller’s can or the seed box. You can also get non-exclusives such as the herb sack or supercompost.

You can start playing the minigame at 34 farming, but you will get better XP rates after 54 and 74 farming when you unlock the higher-tier seeds. The game represents a great way to actively train farming which will also save you on OSRS GP compared to planting trees or fruit trees, which are the most used but rather expensive ways to train farming, so if you’d rather keep your OSRS gold and also want the unique rewards for the minigame, it represents an absolute must.

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