Online Slots for Real Money Have Overtaken Brick and Mortar Business, For Good Reason

Brick and mortar casinos are quickly becoming a thing of the past as online slots for real money prizes have many flocking online for their entertainment.

There are few things as exciting as enticing as a well-oiled slot machine. Bright colors, incredible graphics, and those delightfully familiar sounds thrumming alongside the anticipation of the next big payout. As the games take far less expertise and concentration the thrill of what’s to come only seems amplified. Now, imagine full access to all of your favorite slots and themes, all online, all from home.

To most people, this sounds like a dream come true, especially as lockdown measures keep up from going to our favorite casinos anyhow. Online slots, real money buy-ins and payouts, and bonuses & loyalty programs? Casino Genie an online review site has seen an upswing in online adoption of late, with more people using them to better compare their plethora of options. But what makes online slots so great? We’re glad you asked.

The Allure of Online Slots for Real Money

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The sheer multitude of options is definitely one provocative factor when considering why online casinos are currently out-performing their real-life cousins. But online slots for real money offer a number of different incentives over traditional brick and mortar establishments, particularly in current times. Frankly- online slots and the real money that fuels them offer a safer alternative for your entertainment needs during the pandemic and even the regular flu season. There’s no reason to stuff yourself into a tiny room with hundreds of other people, just because you feel like a bit of a thrill.

Transportation and operating hours only add to the headache of planning a trip to your local casino. Especially if you’re not one of the few that has one that exists in the same area code. For many people, just getting to a casino can be a hassle in and of itself. Often requiring long travel times or even airfare. Couple that with other travel-related expenses like food and lodging and you could quickly be out half your budget.

The convenience of online gambling is one of the main motivating factors that most people talk about when they say they prefer online slots. Real money and a number of different payout options don’t hurt wither- particularly when many online establishments accept types of currency that legacy casinos can’t; like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Home vs. Elsewhere

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But, easily one of the greatest things about playing online slots for real money at home, isn’t listed above. Yet it still remains one of the biggest influencing factors for a number of people. It’s the simple reality that staying at home is just more comfortable than going anywhere else.

Granted, most homes are without the bright lights, beautiful women, and bountiful buffets that you would find in most casinos, but it’s also without the time constraints, strenuous dress and conduct codes, and far removed from a number of cash consuming side hustles. Casinos don’t just make their money off of the games they offer. Onsite dining, alcohol and tobacco sales, clubs, high roller rooms, spas, hotels, and a number of other concierge services, brick and mortar gambling establishments nickel and dime every single one of their customers.

While there are definitely times that the bright lights and high fashion of Vegas or Monaco definitely have their particular appeal, it’s just not something you want to spring for every time you feel like hitting up a slot machine.

Better Payouts for a Smaller House

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Another thing you won’t find yourself paying for at the online slots for real money is house operation charges. As most online casinos are run by a small pool of programmers, developers, and investors, you’ll not be forking over your payback so they can keep the neon lights on.

Most online casinos offer a number of different incentives to get people to try their online slots- real money compounding jackpots, free spins, better bonus games and players rewards, as well as loyalty programs and competitions. Online slots are also incredibly discreet and secure, so the only person who knows you’re playing is you. Meaning it’s unlikely that you’ll run into anyone you know, or that you’re even required to mingle with people at all.

This allows users to focus on their own personal entertainment without unwelcome distraction, which is something most enjoy- as casinos are rarely the raging social events that films make them out to be. But ultimately, online slots for real money give most users a greater sense of control, as the stakes don’t feel as high and they’re under no pressure to stay online; seeing as it didn’t require much effort to get there. But like most hobbies, everyone has their own reasons for partaking. It just seems like online slots for real money prizes from the comfort of your own home check all those boxes for most players.

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