Online Poker Tips – When to Stick to Your Strategy & when to Improvise

Whether you play poker for fun or if you wish to be a big winner that is easily recognizable – this article is for you. Poker is a fun game played with friends & family or through online sites with strangers across the world. Poker might take time and effort but it isn’t as hard as you think to master or fall in love with playing. All it takes is some trials & errors, as well as patience when testing out different gameplays. It is all about using the right approach, strategy, as well as knowing when to stop or switch up your gameplay. Keep on reading as we talk about online poker tips & tricks, as well as strategies for you to consider.

Top 5 tips for online poker & how to play

1. Starting hand selection


Make sure that you choose the best cards and place them on one side and fold the bad ones. Most rookies should stick to big cards at first since it will help them navigate the game a lot better, while also showing true pure confidence. The better your cards are over & over again, the higher the chance of you winning in the end. Have a clear vision of the tactic and the approach that you plan on doing.

2. Your middle & end game

Your focus & concentration level needs to be high all the time as well as as the game progresses. Your middle and end game includes working out pot odds, spotting betting patterns, bluffing, and using position. Do not lose focus midway through. Here are your options on how to play this game:

  • A tight approach is a cautious approach to a game.
  • Loose means that you are willing to gamble & play around.
  • Aggressive means that you work well under pressure & that you keep it cautious.
  • Passive is for anyone who is calling more than betting.

3. Play fewer hands but use an aggressive approach


There is a limit and a proper way on your tactic, technique & the use of chips before you get to overdo it. Don’t allow yourself to get impatient and play a bad hand that is not worth your time or playing. Your approach should be aggressive since you will trick your opponents into not knowing what you have at any given point. Your approach will disguise your gameplay, and no one will know if you have A-A, or just 7-6.

4. Don’t be the first one to limp

To limp in poker is to bet the absolute minimum needed to stay in a hand. This is also a poor-looking and revealing move. This is why it is thought that calling the big blind preflop is an absolute must-not-do move in the online gameplay industry. Why? Because:

  • You can’t win the pot before the flop like you could if you raised.
  • You give the players behind very enticing pot odds & chances.

You should limp only if another player has done it before you. Do not be a trendsetter with this move.

5. Semi-bluff aggressively with your draws


Your bluffing game should always be on point & effective. Did you know that players don’t check with hands that can call multiple bets as often as they should? If they do check it out and peak through they are working with a weak hand. If they check on the flop and after that turn, you can take advantage and make your move. Also, learn from their mistakes and know that practice will make everything perfect.

So, should you stay with your strategy, switch it up, or improvise?

You should always stay with successful strategies that have been helping you win the streak thus far. It is good to improvise only if you have had bad luck and several bad turns, not if you’ve been feeling risky, or bored. Players oftentimes let emotions take over and play for them, without actually considering strategies, common sense, or logic. Negative emotions or fatigue can push you to abandon your strategy. If your odds of winning the game are 50% or above, stick to this approach and do not improvise till you start to lose your initial bet & money.

When & how to balance your play

A balanced play is when you bet hands that have no real value in the same way you’d bet hands that did have that element of value. This is how you can get curious and experienced players thrown off of your back. Balance play is quite common for in-casino poker games, but it isn’t as popular for online strategies or online approaches.

You can practice with different opponents


If you’re working on the strategies that are your common & favorite option, make sure that you master them and perfect them. The appeal of poker is in the many different ways it can be played, which is why testing out your new strategy and giving it time is a good move. Play online poker for free with your friends or family at first to get the hang of it, and only then move onto paid sites & games that could help you profit & win big.

Are you ready to play and test out your strategy?

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Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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