Online Gambling in India in Numbers

Online gambling in India is growing with time. Regardless of many regulations prohibiting online gambling activities in the country, the market is making a great profit. No doubt, it has been a revolutionary time for the iGaming industry. Many online gambling operators are running low-key websites without encountering any kind of legal action.

Statistics have shown that almost half of the people in the country have gambled at least once in their life. People are joining online casinos at a growing rate. In fact, the growth is so slow that it is going to surpass the United Kingdom’s number of gamblers per capita. As land-based casinos aren’t legal in India, people resort to online casinos to play and have some fun.

Online casinos are likely to attract 80% of the adults every year in the country. Casino games, such as slots, poker, blackjack, etc. are going to be the top attractions of the Indian gambling scene.

CMO of Parimatch, Dmitry Belianin has stated that almost 40% of the internet users in India gamble. He has mentioned that the present gambling revenue estimate is $5billion-$90billion/year.

Why Is Online Gambling So Popular in India?


With time, more and more people are getting attracted to online gambling because of many reasons. Firstly, gambling has a little complicated law in India and isn’t available in a majority of the states. Just a limited number of betting and gambling takes place on the cruises. The strict regulations of the country make it difficult for the gambling dens to survive.

This means that gambling isn’t fully permitted in India. Every state comes with its own gambling jurisdiction. Goa, Sikkim, and Daman are the states which have already legalized gambling in special establishments, like the ones found on GambleOnline. But Andra Pradesh and Telangana have already banned online gambling, too.

Gambling in India functions under the Public Gambling Act of 1867. Recently, there has been a considerable increase in online casino gambling. These are available in a majority of the states in India. But the legality of online casinos is still a gray matter.

Offshore casino operators are making great profits in the online gaming scenario. This is mainly because most Indians now have access to the internet. But the Indian government hasn’t taken any action yet to compel the authorities to upgrade the gambling laws in India. It’s time for the regulations to be updated as per the modern-day gaming situation.

Every year, the country loses $140 million due to the absence of a regulated online gambling market. There are many other advantages of regulating the online gambling scene, including unique business opportunities, employment, software development organizations, and a lot more.

Indians Like it on Mobile


As we said, Indian gambling is gaining momentum because of the growing middle class in India and their constant access to the internet. The total households in India with a disposable income of over YS $10,000 have increased twentyfold in the last 25 years. Thus, Indian families are living a lifestyle that is similar to the families across the globe.

The new prosperity is represented best through the number of mobile users in the country. According to the studies, the smartphone users in India were supposed to reach 760 million by 2024. According to the reports of the United Nations, by 2024, the population of India is going to exceed China’s and by 2024, the middle-class popularity will be larger than that of the United States, China, and Europe.

The middle-class population of India has access to the internet and uses their desktop, laptop, and mobile phones to browse the internet. The Internet has become their source of relaxation. When they have to play the games, they don’t open their desktop anymore; they play them through their mobile device.

Now, there is no need to be in Goa to play some casino games as Indians can play them from the comfort of their home. Even if someone is from a rural area, it is highly likely that he/she has access to the internet. India is known to have the second-highest number of internet users across the globe. So, players have all popular online casinos at the palm of their hands and they will be able to wager on their favorite game just with a tap of their finger. To play, there is no need to ride a train and reach the state where gambling is legal.

Games Indian Players Play in an Online Casino


Players across the world like playing slots more than any other casino game. The slots are colorful, vibrant, and full of bonus games that you can trigger when you have certain symbols on the reels. The games have incredible audio and visual effects. But a similar thing cannot be said about the players of online gambling in India. Indians love playing classics, such as Teen Patti or Andar Bahar. These are commonly played at the live casino section. The live casino games offer a realistic and authentic experience where the games are handled by real-time dealers.

Another popular game that Indians like to play is Indian Rummy. Some Indian players, who are looking to play something simple, play slots.

Should Online Gambling Be Regulated in India?


The laws of gambling in India are a little complicated and it is harming the economy of the country. The flourishing gambling industry is capable of generating millions of dollars for the gambling businesses. But the money is going to the offshore sites, which target Indian players. Moreover, the country doesn’t have any authority over casino operators or players.

When the online gambling industry in India is regulated, it will be able to reduce illicit gambling activities. This will also help in boosting the economy. Furthermore, the country can estimate the percentage of people that are being affected by the issues of gambling and can help them manage it.

Several gambling experts claim that the online gambling industry in the country will keep growing and flourishing. But the only issue is that many Indian states are not ready to leave behind the past and embrace the future.

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