Online Bingo: Оrigins and Rules

Online bingo has its roots in Italian popular culture. Thanks to the advent of digital, it is possible to play not only in the local bingo halls, but also online. You can play Bingo Online from the comfort of your PC, smartphone or tablet.

The origins

The game of bingo as we know it today and which accompanies the family Christmas tables has very ancient origins. It all started following a quarrel in 1734 between King Charles III of Bourbon and the Dominican friar Gregorio Maria Rocco. The King wanted to legalize him to increase income while the friar believed that he had a negative influence on the population by keeping them away from prayer.

Eventually, a compromise was found: to ban this game during the Christmas season. The Neapolitans, not being willing to give up the game, created a “home” version of the lotto and gave rise to the “tombola”. The 90 numbers were transferred onto wood and placed in small wicker baskets (the so-called “panarielli”) and cardboard folders with the drawn numbers were also invented.

How to play

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Online bingo is the digital version of the classic bingo game and the player, by choosing a gaming room from those available on the portal, can win the prize up for grabs in each of these. Once registered or logged in, the player can choose the game they prefer: Bingo90, Bingo Lite, Grimace Bingo, Symbol Hunt or the brand new Cinco game.

With online Bingo, you will virtually enter one of the available Bingo lobby here and you can immediately start chatting with our chat moderators. And if you like, you can buy one or more cards to participate in the draw. To purchase them, click on “Buy”. The cards start at a cost of € 0.02 and give players the chance to win one of the prizes up for grabs in the online gambling halls.

Each card has different and random numbers and it is not possible to find two identical cards in the same game. The draw proceeds until one of the players win the next prize and end when all the numbers in a card are drawn, or when Bingo is won. The prize consists of a sum of money, which varies according to the number of cards sold and in relation to the prize pool of that specific game. The Jackpot is awarded to the player who wins Bingo with a number of extracts that do not exceed the number set at the start of the match and of each game.

App and mobile bingo

To play Bingo comfortably from your smartphone or tablet, you can download the app for free that allows users to register on to Play Bingo Online. Each player, during the game, has the possibility in the meantime to chat with the chat moderators, with other active players in the community and respond to hat Games to win bonuses

The history of bingo

It was the 1950s and the company began its first steps by printing bingo cards for UK betting shops. Step by step Bingo grows gradually, always preserving the values ​​of the past: putting people and the community at the center. In 2011 was born and in just three years, it became the largest online bingo site in Italy, a position it still holds today.

Bingo is a much older game than is believed, its origins date back to 1530, the year in which the first lottery in history appeared.

The first version of the game, as we know it today, dates back to 1929, when the American trader Edwin Lowe, playing “Beano”, got a win and shouted Bingo by mistake! A term that he amused, he liked and immediately convinced everyone.

The ancestor of bingo (or at least of the game as we know it today) is, therefore, the Beano, a name that derives from the term “bean”, or bean, since dry beans were used to indicate the numbers on the cards, a little ‘as you do with those of the Tombola, which is a close relative of Bingo (or simply its Italian version).

Evolution of Bingo: how the game has changed during the years

As has happened to many casino games (and not only), Bingo has also changed and evolved over time, up to the popular pastime that we all know today.

In many Italian cities, you can find Bingo halls, which are even more widespread in the USA and other countries. Then there is Online Bingo, such as GiocoDigitale, which allows everyone to play, have fun and win, from the comfort of their own home, or wherever they prefer.

In the last few decades, the game of Bingo has spread all over the world, but previously it was already very popular in the United States. One of its latest versions is the one with cards of 25 numbers, which in the current game format have been reduced to 15.

In the past, the draw took place between 75 numbers, and in the USA this aspect often remains unchanged, while in the version commonly played in Italy, even online, the draw takes place, as for the Bingo, on 90 numbers.

Graphic point of view

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Certainly from a graphic point of view, Bingo is constantly evolving, especially since it landed online, but its nature as a “lottery” has always remained unchanged.

It is a very easy game, suitable for everyone, which is based solely on luck. We have all played Tombola at least once in our lives, perhaps spending family celebrations. Bingo allows you to find that same carefree fun, whenever you want, from the comfort of your home, thanks to 100% reliable and safe websites. The extraction of the numbers takes place through the use of powerful software constantly monitored by our state monopolies.

Then there is also the aspect of winning that certainly should not be underestimated, but as always we prefer to focus on the exclusively playful one, reminding you to always play responsibly.