Reasons To Choose The Netherlands For Your Honeymoon Destination

Choosing a perfect destination for a honeymoon has become a major task these days. It’s not just about a place you both like but the kind of activities and destinations it offers. And if you haven’t thought about the Netherlands as your honeymoon destination yet, then you have no idea what you are missing out on!

In the last few years, Netherlands has been booming as a honeymoon destination and here’s why:

1. Beautiful aesthetics

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The Netherlands has the most beautiful aesthetics. You will find a mini Venice, mini China, mini India, mini Europe and whatever you wish to find in it! Its breathtaking landscapes, delicious cuisine and wonderful people make this destination even more beautiful.

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2. Fun activities

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Nowadays couples don’t just want to stay inside, they take honeymoons as an opportunity to venture into the country and the Netherlands has just what you need. There are so many amusement parks and theme parks like the Plaswijckpark or the Attractiepark Slagharen.

You can also venture into the city through hop on hop off busses. Go ahead and explore the major attractions of the Netherlands as you land in the country.

Other activities like boat tours and cycle tours are a special add on. Did you know that Amsterdam is the most famous city for cycle tours and the city with the most cycles used. The uniqueness of this country is worth adoring while you pass by it slowly on your little cycles. It’s the best way to travel a city without causing much pollution.

Boating in Amsterdam will really make you feel like you are in Venice. It’s canals moving swiftly from one corner of the city to the other are a perfect romantic place to spend a leisurely evening.

3. Frisian Islands

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Frisian islands in themselves are a reason for which people visit the Netherlands on their honeymoon! You will find no other place as beautiful and romantic as Frisian islands in the entire Netherlands. Situated off the northern European mainland, the white sandy beaches and pristine clear waters are the highlight of these islands.

The islands stretch from Netherlands to Denmark so it’s pretty much accessible for you to spend a day or two there. You will find many recreational activities on the islands including water sports and relaxing spas. The amazing sunsets and sunrises from this island are a sight to cherish. Frisian islands will make your honeymoon unforgettable with its mesmerizing beauty.

4. Keukenhof gardens

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This is another major attraction in the Netherlands which is a must see. Walk hand in hand with your partner in this lovely tulip garden. The garden has a variety of over 800 different tulips species. This multicolored array of flowers is the most romantic place for a couple to take a walk in.

The tulips are in full bloom from 2nd week of March till the 2nd week of May. During that time the park is flooded with people but you will find numerous playful activities arranged by the authorities during that time. You and your partner can participate in activities like treasure hunt and animal feeding in the garden.

The towns and cities of the Netherlands are beautiful in structure and pleasant to the eyes. The country is filled with such gardens and shopping streets where you can spend your evenings with your loved ones.

5. Weed Cafes

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While you are in the Netherlands, you might as well get some rare souvenirs from it! Weed (till a certain amount) is legal in Amsterdam. On top of that, just like we have regular tea and coffee served in the cafés, in the Netherlands we have weed cafes!

The cafes only allow each person to have a specific amount of weed which is medically non-damaging. If you are into it, you and your partner can have some really memorable experiences giving this a try!

6. Historic home

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What’s the use of traveling to a country if you don’t get to know the country? Finding out its historic roots and exploring the city’s past will help you look at it from a completely different perspective.

If you have enough time in your hands then visit historically important places like the Anne Frank Museum, Rijksmuseum, and the Stedelijk museum. If you are an art enthusiast then also pay a visit to the Van Gogh museum which is the world’s largest Van Gogh exhibit.

7. Leisure evening in Vondelpark

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Vondelpark is another peaceful sight in the Netherlands that offers you a great evening time. Visit the Vondelpark with your partner and take a walk or take a bike ride. At the Vondelpark, you can also create a little picnic for yourself. Get a blanket and your partner to spend a lovely evening here.

The open air theater in the park also holds concerts and operas which are worth seeing. The entertainment shows only take place in the summer but you can always take a walk and get the feel of it!

8. Nightlife

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The city that is so beautiful and aesthetic in the morning becomes a party hub at night. If you feel like exploring the country at night then do visit its awesome bars and pubs.

Although the nightlife is not exactly as great as what you might find in Hong Kong, LA, and Tokyo, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam have their own way of partying.

9. Wide range of Accommodations

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Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the most prominent tourist cities in the Netherlands hold various types of hotels and accommodations for your perfect honeymoon. From cozy villas with swimming pools to posh hotels with luxurious amenities, you will find it all in the Netherlands.

From island-themed hotels to architectural marvels like cube houses, with beach views or mountain views, if you look at the right places, Netherlands has everything that you need for a perfect honeymoon.

Final Words

So these were all the reasons that make the Netherlands the perfect honeymoon destination. What do we need for a great honeymoon? Some great leisure sights, romantic walks and fun memories to take back. The Netherlands has it all. Look no further, everything you need is right here!

Plan your trips today. The ‘Fault in Our Stars’ country awaits you!

Marina Livaja
Marina Livaja

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