Why Name Necklaces Are Trending Among Celebrities These Days

Customized and personalized things have always been desirable things. If you are giving a gift to someone, a personalized touch will make it more meaningful. One such thing is a name necklace. They are quite popular nowadays and you will see a lot of people wearing them. And it’s not only the common people but also celebrities.

We have seen a lot of celebrities wearing name necklaces. For example, Kim Kardashian and Drew Barrymore were found wearing the name necklace for their daughters. So they are actually declaring their love by wearing their daughter’s name.

Name jewelry is one of the hottest jewelry trends of 2024 and 2024. Therefore, you will easily find a store that makes such jewelry.

oNecklace.com is an amazing online platform to get your personalized and customized jewelry. Other stores only provide writing in one style. However, not this one, you will find different writing styles here. For example, a choker name necklace or a necklace with capital letters.

Celebrity necklaces

The trend of wearing name necklaces is equally popular among celebrities. Although daily wearing was not common before but hip hop artists have always worn their signature necklace. For example, Beyonce has been wearing her necklace since the early days of her career.
Kourtney (sister of Kim Kardashian) was spotted wearing a “sister” neckpiece.

Likewise, we have also seen Bella Hadid wearing her name.

It was about the names and all but wearing initials is also quite common. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex was spotted wearing “H and M” in 2016. Later it was found that she was together with Prince Harry. So it is also a way of showing your love to loved ones.

But why are they so popular now?

1. Trend of personalization

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Although people have been wearing name necklaces for a long time it was not to this extent. It’s been almost a year that this personalized jewelry trend is booming. This is because a lot of celebrities are also found wearing such things. Furthermore, the trend of “loving yourself” is also on the list. People are actually thinking about them and they are working on self-care and self-love.

Furthermore, it all started from the customization of personal things. For example, a few years back, the trend of customized mugs, teacups, cushions, pillows, and blankets was on the hit. Almost every second person on your list might have one of these things in their home. And name neckpieces are just progressed in this trend. First, it was name clothing and now it’s jewelry.

People can show their individuality through such jewelry. Furthermore, it also represents their social status. For example, a lot of people can wear a simple chain but not everyone will wear a nameplate. Thus, these jewelry pieces actually provide social value.

2. Empowering yourself

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Wearing nameplate jewelry brings an empowering effect on the personality of the wearer. The style of writing that you chose and the material that you go for, these things represents your uniqueness. Thus, your necklace will be different from others. You will have unique self-expression that will boost your confidence and it is only for you.

Furthermore, anyone can opt for a regular metallic name necklace but you can change the style. As they are already offering the option of customization, you can design your necklace in your own way. For example, you can choose to go with a gold or silver piece. Or you can ask the designer to implant diamonds in your name. Thus, you will have something that others don’t.

3. Declaration of love

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Apart from self-love, wearing name necklaces is a symbol of a declaration of love in front of the whole world. This is just something new that you can use to impress your loved one. If you are wearing someone’s name on your body, it shows how much importance that person has in your life.

Just like Meghan Markle wore the H and M neckpiece to declare her love to Prince Harry. And Kim Kardashian wears the name of her daughter. Likewise, KK’s sister wore a “Sister” necklace to show her love. Likewise, you can have the name or initials of your loved ones. You can wear your parent’s name or your spouse or children or your BFF. You get a lot of options here to choose from. So go and show your love.

4. It’s just a trend

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Like many other trends, wearing specific names is also just a trend that is going on nowadays. So if you are a trend follower, you will love this one. Apart from your name or your loved one, you can also wear the initials or name of someone else. Wearing the names of movies or characters is also quite a hit.
For example, a lot of people are spotted wearing “Carrie”. It belongs to the character “Carrie” played by Sarah Jessica Parker in “Sex and the City”. Likewise, you can opt to have any term you like or any character you loved.

Because when something is trending, a lot of people cannot resist following it. If everyone else is wearing such a thing, you would not like to become an alien by going against it.

Final words…

Wearing customized things is trending nowadays. This is because of the uniqueness that these necklaces bring. If you have a unique name, this is especially good for you. Because no one else would have that same thing in his neck. But apart from it, you can still choose to wear something that you like without worrying about others.

If you love someone, you can have a couple necklace and give them as a gift. Likewise, you can have the name of your loved one that might be your parents, children, friend, sibling or spouse. Thus, you can show others how dear that person is to you.