12 Motivational Quotes to Cheer You Up Amid the Pandemic – 2024 Guide

Most people will agree that it hasn’t been easy to keep a straight face and a streak of positive thinking during the ongoing pandemic. Lockdowns, curfews, social distancing, and border closures, not to mention economic instability and job losses are just some of the reasons why this season has been particularly difficult.

For people already dealing with depression, COVID-19 anxiety, stress, or any mental health issue, keeping positive vibes during the pandemic may be near impossible.
In such times, something as simple as the positive motivational quotes below can do wonders in uplifting your spirits and helping you see the sunshine amidst dark clouds.

Also, today, online therapy is contributing to the recovery and empowering people. Want to get inspired and know where to get help? Read below.

12 Positive Quotes for These Days

We’ve compiled 12 positive quotes for you to reflect upon and which can proactively change your mood and mindset.

 1. You may not be able to control every situation and outcome, but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it

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As the pandemic has shown, there are situations beyond our control. Most people like to feel in control of situations, especially when they have planned things out meticulously in their minds. Maybe you can’t take that holiday now, or you may have to cut down on some expenses due to a tightening income.

How you deal with such situations will be a direct reflection of your attitude. If you try to stay positive and look at what you do have and what you can control, you’ll find that your days are brighter and move a little faster.

2.  True happiness comes from within

Lots of people derive all their satisfaction from their jobs, friends, social circles, and other so-called achievements and faux setups that they have created to shield. Once these things are removed, people may experience anxiety and constant sadness.

However, if you do take some time to reflect inwardly, you may find that these things only provide a momentary comfort. True happiness derives from within, and you alone are responsible for that happiness.

3.  A genuine smile comes from the little things

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So maybe you can’t go on that trip with your partner that you have been planning for ages. Maybe you can’t see your family or friends as much as you used to. It’s time to cherish those little things that you do have and can access without restriction.

Pets, old hobbies, siblings, books, and movies are just some of the things that you may still have access to despite the pandemic.

4. There is strength to be found in adversity

The pandemic has brought out some of the best in people, especially those at the frontlines battling with the scourge such as healthcare workers. Few things can make humanity a united front and we’ve seen this with the current pandemic.

If you’ve had to deal with the challenges during the pandemic, such an experience can make you stronger.

5. You never walk alone

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One of the worst things about dealing with COVID-19 anxiety is the feeling of being alone, trapped in a situation with no one to talk to. This is why therapy online has major advantages over traditional therapy.

You can always have a video call in or chat with your therapist whenever you are feeling low, sad, or depressed, from the comfort of your bed or couch.

But you can also share your feelings with a friend, a loved one, or a coworker, and you will realize that most people are going through the same thing. This is a great way to get positive vibes from those close to you.

6. Just relax!

They say every cloud has a silver lining. And this particular pandemic cloud isn’t any different. People have been forced to stay at home more. It gives them more time to spend with their families and work on things that have been encased in memory. Relaxing more and taking time to enjoy the people and things that truly matter may yet be the medicine to cope with the pandemic.

7. Positive change comes from focusing on the new things that need building, not the old

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Olympic runners and athletes always keep their gaze on the prize ahead, not the laps that they have run already. Likewise, you can only keep forward momentum by setting your eyes on the new things ahead.

Ruminating on what could have or should have been will only serve to keep you downcast and depressed. This pandemic has opened up many people to new ways of doing things, to new talents, skills, and ideas that keep them productive and inspired. Adopt this attitude of embracing change, and this change will pay you in kind.

8. When the going gets tough, the tough get going

You can bet yourself that other difficult and unexpected situations will arise in life. The pandemic has shown a lot of people that they are stronger than they previously imagined. The ability to form new associations, forge new bonds, and discover new things are about ourselves personally.

9.  You’ll never know the power of a smile until you receive it

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The pandemic has led to the loss of lives, incomes, and part of our social connections. While this crisis has left people with little reason to be happy, it hasn’t taken away the power to give a smile.

As you meet people and families out in the streets or frontline workers taking care of the sick, the best you could do for them is to simply share a smile. But the power of a smile might not be inherent until you receive one, and it starts melting your sadness and gloom away.

10. A kind act is an extraordinary act

Amid the turbulence, something as simple as texting up an old friend or buying lunch for a homeless person will do much to uplift the spirits of people. Such random acts of kindness are also some of the best ways to feel good about yourself and to make a positive contribution, however little the impact may seem.

11. The light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter each day

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A year ago it seemed like the pandemic would never end. Scientists and researchers were racking their brains trying to come up with a vaccine. People were living in constant fear of getting infected or losing their loved ones.

Suffice to say, the situation has drastically improved from where we were a year ago. Multiple vaccines have been released and many people have recovered from the disease. The affected numbers in many countries have stabilized and governments are easing measures such as lockdowns and travel restrictions.

The light at the end of this tunnel truly is getting brighter.

12. We die once, but have a whole life ahead. So go out and live it

As the pandemic has shown, we live in uncertain times. Nothing is guaranteed anymore, not even the freedom to socialize. Now might be the time to take that trip that you have always wanted, write that book, sing that song, or tell that person that you love them.

Unleash the Hero Within You

Heroes are made not born, as the adage goes. There’s no doubt that this pandemic has created heroes out of most of us. From single mums balancing multiple tasks and taking care of their kids, to healthcare workers at the frontline saving lives and coming up with new solutions to the problems we face.

These positive affirmations will not only make your days seem a little brighter, but they will also serve to create a hero out of you.

If you feel like these motivational quotes or talking to a friend or loved one is not enough to restore your joy and peace, it may be time to talk to a therapist online. Calmerry is a great place to connect with mental health professionals who are always a video call or a message away from helping you solve your problems.