4 Most Popular Hockey Teams in the NHL

Even though the league produces less money than its North American sports competitors, every team has a loyal following and many of them are worth a lot of money. Just see the stands at every game, and you will see that thousands of people out there are attending every match. Not to mention that there is a whole other economy that follows this sport.

Even though each club has a fan base, some teams have a larger following than others. Generally speaking, there’s no team in the league that doesn’t have any support, which is a rather important matter. Having no fans means that the financial component of the team cannot be achieved. Sure, you can sell some kit, but if the team doesn’t have anyone interested in purchasing it, the club cannot expect to survive in financial terms.

As we’ve stated, some of them have more enthusiasts than others. The Original Six, unquestionably, is the best-known group. The term “Original Six” refers to the six contemporary NHL clubs that existed before the 1967 NHL expansion, which marks the beginning of the modern times in the league. In 1917, there were just four clubs.

Betting on NHL teams

Hockey, like other professional sports, has a large and loyal fan base. The cup is of the highest possible interest. It is definitely amongst the prestigious awards in professional sports. Every season, each club is striving toward reaching the playoffs and winning the league. As you can presume, this is not an easy task, and only the best ones can achieve it.

Hockey is huge in North America, with millions of people following their favorite NHL teams. Fans can wager on individual games or season results while the athletes are focusing on playoffs and Cup contention. If you’re interested in learning more about betting on NHL teams you can check out this source of information regarding hockey betting at Unibet, which will help you out if you’re new to sports betting.

Betting on ice hockey has gathered a lot of interest in the last two decades, not just in the US, but also on the European continent. While this may sound like a strange thing, there are several studies on this topic that clearly show that the interest in this sort of betting has reached a peak in popularity on the old continent. Naturally, it cannot compete with traditional sports like soccer and basketball, but it certainly has good potential.

Boston Bruins

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Boston Bruins are just a small addition to the city’s propensity for sports fanaticism; they share the same passion. In Forbes ranking of the most valued teams in the National Hockey League from 2010, they were valued at $300 million. After attaining the Cup for the sixth time overall, the value is perhaps going to go up a little bit as a result of this year’s victory.

The residents of this city will continue to cheer for the Bruins even if they are unable to take home the championship trophy. On the official Twitter account, you will see that there are slightly more than 1.5 million followers. When it comes to the number of registered fans, it is nothing short of exceptional, with 2.1 million of them following the squad regularly, both live and on television. Without any doubt, we are can say that this club has an impressive number of fans.

Vancouver Canucks

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Hockey is considered to be the national sport of Canada; consequently, the people who live there are incredibly dedicated to their respective hockey teams. Even though they didn’t win the Stanley Cup yet, they aren’t exactly an outlier in this regard. It was estimated to be worth $282 million roughly a decade ago, placing it sixth among the clubs with the highest following.

Sedin brothers, Ryan Kesler, and other key players should continue to increase as a direct result of the achievement of the club because they provide a solid foundation for the group. Over the decades, the team has managed to attract both significant interest from people in Vancouver and the whole of Canada, alongside achieving some great results. The latest information about the number of fans is slightly over a million, which is a solid number.

Pittsburgh Penguins

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The Pittsburgh Penguins have had no trouble becoming a successful business since its investors made their first appearances in the league and went on to achieve success after that. After winning their third cup, they were ranked ninth place on the list of the valuable clubs in the NHL last season. Even though they are in ninth place when it comes to value, the number of people who are interested in following this squad is exceptional. Currently, it stands at 1.9 million.

The value definitely has the potential to increase even further, particularly if they can maintain their core personnel for an extended period. Based on today’s metrics, and the potential of the squad, we do not doubt that this is exactly what will happen in the future. We will just have to wait for some time and see how it plays out in the future.

New York Rangers

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The northeastern region is home to a slew of clubs, including many ice hockey squads, that the NY Rangers must contend with. On the other hand, as one of the First Six clubs, they are a local institution with a long history. As of 1994, they have won four Cups, the newest of which was in that year. Amidst an almost two-decade-long winless streak, Forbes still lists them as the second most valuable club. They have a fierce rivalry with a couple of clubs from the same region of the United States and south of Canada.

The squad had a value of $477 million roughly a decade ago. The number of registered fans is slightly above 1.4 million. When you know that the club comes from the largest city in the United States, we can see that this number could be somewhat higher. But you can be sure that this difference cannot be seen in live broadcasts. The number of fans in every match is high, with the whole stadium being filled to the place seat.


The competition in NFL is pretty steep. There are dozens of great teams to take a look at. However, some of them are more popular than others. Here, you can see the ones that are widely considered the most popular ones. Understanding this element of the league can help you with gathering enough knowledge on the topic, which can help you with betting on this league.

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