The Seven Most Popular Gambling Games in Canada (2024)

Today, there are plenty of money games available with many different outcomes. Naturally, not every one of them necessarily interests all players, and almost automatically some games start to become more popular than others. This popularity also varies between players from different countries – there is no single clear line.

Gambling online in particular has made it possible for all types of gambling found on the internet to be played on the screen of a desktop computer or a smart device.

Thanks to the convenience, the popularity of online gaming is growing wildly, but Canadians prefer to play only their favorite casino games online.

So if you’ve ever wondered what games Canadians like to play the most, keep reading this article. You might be surprised by which slot games are ultimately the most popular and which perennial favorites have fallen out of the top spots.


Slots in Casino


Slot machines have been a familiar sight for decades in the lobbies of restaurants, kiosks and shops located all over Canada. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are immediately at the top of the list as the most popular casino games. Slot machines online, however, mean different slot games, the theme and game layout of which can vary quite a bit.

When we talk about slot machines, we are dealing with games that are a bit simpler, offering only a few winning lines or ways. Sometimes they can also be called “classic slots“.

In general, the games that took the first place do not offer complex special functions or difficult-to-understand gameplay, but they are played and won more simply by just spinning the reels.

The majority of the game collection of online casinos covers slot machines, so in this respect, it is just as easy to find these games online as when moving around in the city center.

It is precisely for this reason that Canadians have found the joy of playing online in droves, as there are even thousands of favorite games available on one site at best.


Dubbed the king of card games, blackjack can be played widely online, thanks to which it has also risen to the top three of the most popular games. In Canada, it is also known as 21, which has been played for much longer, especially among friends. It was only years later that blackjack itself arrived in Canadian casinos.

Today, it’s easiest to get to online casinos either as a video game version or as a live casino game, which is even available under the guidance of a Canadian dealer. In general, however, online games differ from each other with some small rule differences or bet levels.

For example, how many decks of cards are used in a blackjack variation affects the chances of winning a round.

One of the reasons for blackjack’s popularity is still clearly the fact that its chances of winning can also be influenced by skill. An internationally known optimist strategy has been developed for it, which today can even be found among the rules of the game itself.

Naturally, not a single round of online blackjack can be concluded with a guaranteed win because random number generators are programmed into the games, which ensure that the cards dealt are always completely random.


Poker in Casino


Poker is not for the faint of heart. Its complex rules and frantic rounds make it a game of luck as well as skill. You need the skill to understand when it is the right time to stop and when to continue playing. There are several different versions of poker available.

Among them, the most played are undoubtedly Texas Hold’em and Omaha, whose championship is even fought for in various tournaments both online and in brick-and-mortar casinos around the world.

The ranking of poker in the top three therefore does not come as a surprise, as Canadian poker players are often competing for championships in all poker tournaments.

Canada has managed to raise and send numerous poker professionals to the world, the most famous of which is guaranteed to be Ilari Sahamies, Jussi Nevanlinna and Patrik Antonius.

Even if you don’t necessarily become a professional, you can hone your poker skills online and test the poker face of your opponents, especially in live poker or online poker sites.

However, you rarely become a good player by luck, so start planning effective poker tactics. Do you attack aggressively with your cards, or do you prefer a reputation as a mysterious card beater?

Video slots

Video slots are almost the same thing as the top-ranked slot machines. However, in general, video slots are understood as slightly faster, high-volatility and numerous special functions slot games, which also usually have 3D graphics.

However, casinos often do not distinguish these games from other slots, so you may have to do a little detective work. In other casinos, you can find them under the headings “high volatility games” or “3D slots”.

Equally, Megaways games belong to the group of video slots. If you don’t want to take a risk right away, you can try video slots first for free in the demo version of the game.

The good aspects of playing online are that all video games are also available in a demo version, which is completely free to play with play money. This way you can try out how it feels to play them.

Scratch cards

If slot games are familiar to Canadians, scratch cards are almost as loved. They too can be bought and scratched at almost every kiosk, store and point of sale around the country. In addition, these days they can be played digitally at online casinos.

Online lotteries are just as easy and exciting to scratch as real lotteries, but their screen can reveal much bigger wins and additional features.

You can buy as many online lottery tickets as you want, scratch them with a digital coin and see if you’ve won something. The only downside is that online lotteries cannot be slipped into Christmas presents and used to cheer up friends and relatives.

Scratch cards in Casino



Over the years, bingo has been played especially in bingo halls. It is still a popular pastime at bingo nights organized by many small businesses. However, online bingo has supplanted social gatherings and simultaneously increased the game’s popularity among young adults. This is also why bingo can only be found in the sixth place.

Online bingo is faster than bingo played at physical game points because the numbers are drawn automatically and they are announced almost like on a conveyor belt. So you have to be very careful and be the first to shout bingo to grab the cash prize.

Fortunately, the cash prize offered by online casinos is undeniably better than a familiar prize from the bingo hall, such as a Christmas ham or a coffee package.

Video poker

Video poker


Video poker has also been played diligently in slot machines all over Canada. With that, terms such as joker poker,

have become established in the English and French languages. All these games and many others can also be found online these days. In addition, online video poker includes other options, such as American video poker, bonus poker and double bonus poker.

Their rules are slightly different from each other, but all of them can be done with just an understanding of poker hands and poker knowledge.

Even in video poker, you have to refine your game tactics a bit, because you have to choose exactly the cards you want to change. It is entirely based on how well you can analyze the potential of your hand.

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