Mobile Marketing: Why Online Betting Companies are in Constant Competition Mode

When it comes to technology, the advances are constant and unrelenting. Consumer electronics and tech gadgets stand for a billion-dollar global market, pushing and inspiring companies to strive to come up with the next big idea, the next big advance, the next big breakthrough. Part of this dynamic drive to tech giants is the exponential growth of mobile device usage and the ubiquitous nature of the internet. Put simply, there are few things one cannot do online these days. From booking holidays to banking, trading in stocks and shares to buying a car, finding real estate and running a business and more.

One of the industries that has harness the power of the virtual world is the gaming sector. In particular, the explosion of online gaming and gambling options has created a whole new betting market that is now a billion-dollar business in its own right. To the uninitiated and untrained eye, online casinos and gambling sites and apps may all look the same, with classic game options which may seem mere reflections or replications of each other from site to site. To the more au fait, however, nothing could be further from the truth.

Put simply, the competition among online casino and gaming companies is stronger than ever, as they vie for a bigger market share and strive to become the predominant online destination for gambling online. With so many millions of potential customers around the world, and an existing consumer base that shows no sign of slowing, the difference this market share can make to profits is huge. From offering more features, such as a roulette payout calculator for people deciding whether it is worth playing that game, to global poker matches for higher rollers, the stakes are high and the online gambling industry is burgeoning.

From Poker to Roulette, Mobile Gambling Options Are Driving Consumer Habits


Though people of all ages and demographics use mobile devices around the world, it is the younger generations that now use them almost exclusively. Of course, desktop computers and laptops are still popular for online gambling sites, but statistics now suggest that over half of transactions and gaming is done on mobile devices. From the sprawling metropolis to more rural community internet hotspots, the online landscape is being drawn by the use of phones and tablets, making the mobile market a massive target for online gaming companies.

In the early days of online gambling and casino-style gaming, it was all about desktop site versions, but this has now changed beyond recognition. Today, it is all about mobile site user interfaces, mobile device gameplay, and the all-important online gambling apps. Of course, this is not restricted to casino gambling, with online bookmakers also looking to cash in, pun intended, on the global phenomenon that is mobile gameplay. With a global revenue generation of over $77 billion, the online gaming world is not just big business, it is huge business, largely and increasingly driven by players using mobile options as their go-to gambling and gaming platform. As this market grows and mobile gambling continues to overtake desktop play, the tech giants who have already invested so much to entice consumers onto their sites to play their games will continue to focus on the mobile market and keep the competition on the front burner.

Betting on Better: Technology Advances Shaping Online Gaming Opportunities


In the world of business, especially with global companies, the drive to deliver better products and services is often fuelled by what your competitors are doing and how the global marketplace is performing within your industry. With online gambling and gaming, there is another factor at play, namely the technology or hardware it is being designed for and used on. As mobile phones and tablets have become more advanced, mobile gambling and gaming companies have made their gaming experience more sophisticated and the user experience has become the holy grail.

To look at it another way, gambling companies looking for consumers have had to design games in tandem with technology. Apps are, for example, one of the biggest features of any mobile device, and more and more people are using apps rather than websites to access information, including online gameplay and casino-style experiences. We’re not talking about a good gambling app being an option anymore, for companies that want to attract everyone from avid to casual casino gambling consumers, a top-quality app is now a commercial and technology driven necessity.

Returning to the original thesis, it is clear to see that mobile marketing is now one of the primary components for online gaming and casino companies. In the fast-flowing world of tech and at the point it converges with the globally giant arena of virtual gambling and gameplay, mobile matters and can be worth billions to the bottom line. Casino developers are not just gambling on mobile markets being the dominant force of the future, they are already seeing it as the major player, meaning they are always set to competition mode.

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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