4 Common Mistakes People make when Compressing Large Files – 2024 Guide

If in the past it was a symbol that work could not be done anywhere other than in the office, that symbol no longer exists today. Wondering why? Uncontrolled conditions have been created that hinder the work. These uncontrolled conditions that hinder work did not deter companies but helped them realize that working from home is not only possible but also better. It is better primarily in terms of speed of completion of obligations, in terms of the ease with which the work is done, and in terms of the fact that with easily accessible information it is possible to complete everything in a short time.

Yes, data availability is a very important point. This is especially important when working from home. Why? Because without easily accessible documents it is impossible to do anything. A simple decision to write requires a document that will serve as proof that the decision is valid. So, in order to make that decision, you need to have a document that you will see so that you can write the decision.

In order for everything to be as it should be and for all the obligations from home to be completed, the companies today have their own digital archives which represent a space where everything the employees need to be able to complete the work obligations. These digital archives are usually computer servers where documents are stored in scanned or digital format and from which they can be used at any time. But not in the literal sense of the word.

They can not be used all the time primarily because servers can be used only when you are at work. Beyond that, you can only access the data if you download and use the data. And how do you get the most out of your data when you work from home? Sure, it’s easy. With the help of one of the file transfer services. What are those services? These are services that offer fast file transfer to files that are larger. All you have to do is select the files, attach them to the service and get a link from which you can then download them.

It’s simple, isn’t it? But despite the simplicity of this option, people often make mistakes that can only delay the process of getting the documents but can also delay their working hours, ie they have to stay overtime to do what was intended to be done. be done. Wondering what kind of mistakes these are? In addition, we bring you the most common mistakes encountered by people who try to transfer large files through the platforms for that purpose in order not to get into a situation and you make those mistakes.

1. Choose a slow service for this purpose

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When you already decide to use an online data transfer service, then try to choose the right one. Very often people who need to transfer data from one place to another decide to use one of the services for that purpose. But often they make a mistake. Instead of choosing a service that will help them, ie transfer their work from one place to another quickly and easily, they choose a service that will be a hassle and that will not do its job in the right way.

So do not rush. First, look for the large files you want to transfer. Then find one of the services like FileWhopper.com and use it to make a transfer. All you have to do is attach the documents, get the link and use that link to get the documents.

2. They often forget to fill in the link before downloading it

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Another thing that can be cited as a mistake is the carelessness and carelessness of the people. When we say carelessness and carelessness we mean carelessness while preparing the link. It often happens that people make a link that has nothing or a link to which poorly preserved files are attached. For this purpose, it is necessary to check what is being transferred before the transfer starts. Review the documents, then attach them carefully and slowly without much haste to the transfer service itself, and then check that everything is attached. Once you are sure that everything is in the order you will only need to download the link and then use the necessary files from it.

3. They do not make the most of the space available to them

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Many people are not as familiar with how these document transfer services work. Thus they do not know that the space allotted to them for downloading documentation is large enough to hold more files. For example, there are people who make special links for two or three files and then send them one by one. First, you can get confused and not send everything, and second, you complicate your work. So make the most of the space offered by these services, upload everything you will need, and then transfer and use. Make the most of the space and save time on unnecessary transfers.

4. They do not name the files and then find it difficult to use them

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Another thing that often makes things difficult is that people do not have the data when they upload it. When we say they do not name them, we mean not entering a name or incorrect naming which can only lead to confusion, ie not knowing which file it is for. It is, therefore, necessary to introduce order when attaching the documents. It is necessary to name all the documents in order to save time later, not to check each document more easily and thus easier and faster to complete the task that was scheduled to be completed.

These are the most common mistakes people make when deciding to attach and transfer documents from office to home in order to be able to complete their work responsibilities. Now that you are familiar with what often happens as a mistake, you can be more careful not to make mistakes and transfer your documents quickly and professionally, with the help of one of the fast transfer services.