What are Mesh Laundry Bags and How Do They Work?

Most people spend a lot of money on buying clothes and it is very important to them what they will wear. They spend hours in shopping malls choosing the ideal pieces of clothing for which they will spend as much as they need. And then it would be expected that they would take care of those clothes in all possible ways, so that it would last as long as possible. Of course, we all take care not to stain our favorite jacket with wine and the like. We also use special soaps and other moth repellents.

But surprisingly few people actually care about how they wash their clothes. We think that it is enough to buy a quality laundry detergent and fabric softener and that the job is done. However, this is not the case. You know we are right, because many times you have noticed that some of your clothes have been damaged after washing in the machine. And then you get furious because it happened to you, but then it’s too late. But there is a very simple way to avoid that and it is called mesh laundry bags. Find out what are mesh laundry bags and how they work in the rest of the article.

What are mesh laundry bags?

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Laundry bags are generally made of different materials and have the role of protecting your laundry during washing and keeping it in one place. What makes mesh laundry bags different is that they have a net structure, so this gives them several advantages over other laundry bags.

Mesh bags, also called string or net bags, provide protection for the laundry from mechanical damage and completely allow water and detergent to pass through, so you can be sure that your laundry will be completely washed. And that it will be in perfect condition after washing. There will be no signs of damage on your brand new piece of cloth. The material from which bags are made is nylon, as it is a very resistant material that will not be damaged by continuous washing, exposure to detergent and high temperatures.

Different types

There are many different types of mesh laundry bags. As we have already said, the material is almost always polyester. But there are many different sizes available. From small ones, which are intended to put socks and similar small clothing items in them, all the way to very large ones where you can put up to 10 kilograms of different laundry. Most home washing machines do not have a volume of 10 kilograms, so then such large mesh laundry bags are mainly used in commercial laundries.

Apart from their size, they also differ in the way they close. The three most common closures available are zippers, rubber closures and net clips.


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The zipper closure is definitely the most convenient to use. Just put the laundry in the mesh bag and zip it. However, there are two drawbacks when it comes to the zipper closure. The first drawback is that zippers can be damaged very quickly, because they will be continuously in the water. Therefore, this is the least resistant type of bags. And the other drawback is that the zip can potentially damage the clothes that are outside the bag, and it can also be washed in the washing machine or even damage the inside of the washing machine.


Rubber ones are very good because there is no possibility of damaging anything, but they are complicated to use. And it is not uncommon for them to fall off during washing, so that the clothes fall out of the bag and the rubber part clogs the filter.

Net clip

The net clip can also drop like a rubber closure, but it is less likely to happen. And it’s much easier to use.

How do they work?

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The way they work is so simple, that by now you have surely understood it by reading this article. But let’s do it again. Put the clothes in the bag, close with the type of closure that that particular bag has and put in the washing machine. You will get the laundry clean as if it was not in the bag, but there is no risk that the laundry machine will damage it.

Damage occurs in a variety of ways, and one of the main ones is when the rubber part at the entrance to the washing machine wears out and becomes too rough.

Types of clothes that need to be washed in mesh bags

It is recommended to put all the clothes in a mesh laundry bag and wash it that way, but there are pieces of clothes that are more durable and will probably not be damaged even if you just put them in the washing machine.

But there are also those clothes where the absolute must is the use of a mesh bag. For example, all delicate materials such as silk, wool and cashmere. However, be careful not to mix two different sensitive materials in one bag, because then one which is more sensitive can be damaged. Then lingerie is another type of clothing that we strongly advise you to never wash without using a bag. Also, cotton materials are much easier to damage than, for example, materials used for dry-fit products.

And let’s not forget the socks. They are easily damaged, but even easier to lose and then you need a lot of time to put them back together. When you put them in a laundry bag, you know where everything is.

Other purposes

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These bags are great because you can use them for many other purposes as well as not just for their primary purpose. For example, you can carry toys for children on the beach in them.

You can store toys for the bathroom or Legos where some important part is always lost. Another common application is as onion storage bags. If you think they are not suitable for onions and other fruits and vegetables, just visit mesh-bags.com and you will see that they are very similar to those bags whose primary purpose is for onions, garlic and so on.


We hope we have explained to you how to properly use these fantastic bags and protect your clothes.