Top 5 Reasons for Considering a Meal Plan Company in Dubai

The onset of the ready-to-cook or ready-to-eat culture has been a blessing for many across the world. In the cosmopolitan ambiance of Dubai, the growth of meal plans has been unprecedented in the last few years.

For homemakers, bachelors, newly-wed couples, families with both partners working, etc., meal plan companies are nothing short of a blessing. From spending minimal time in the kitchen to serving dollops of nutritious food to loved ones, there are innumerable reasons why an increasing number of Dubai residents depend on a meal delivery company for their daily needs.

To begin with, let’s see what it is all about.

A meal plan is a diet that is aligned with the health goals of your body. It could be about losing or gaining weight, building muscles, improving immunity, and so on. It provides well-balanced foods that are nutritious, delicious, and created holistically to keep you fit and healthy.

But, is it only about salads? Of course, not. These companies invest a lot of time, effort, and resources in comprehending your exact dietary needs and preferences. The plan is then made, and it is not just limited to one meal a day or week. These delicious and healthy foods are delivered to your doorstep as per your delivery choices. These encompass all the three main meals and snacks for the day.

Why should you go for a Meal Plan Company in Dubai?

1. Dietary restrictions and preferences


Subscribing to a Meal Plan Company means convenience and peace of mind in the knowledge that they suit your diet plans – keto, vegan, gluten-free, and so on. It is essential to research and assess if the Company offers specific dietary considerations like low sodium, low carb, vegetarian food, etc. Similarly, if you or any member of the family is allergic to any ingredient or food item, the nutritionist will take care to tweak the meal accordingly.

Credible Companies have nutritionists communicating with you to understand the unique needs of your family’s health. Thus, if you have dietary restrictions or choices, it is best to consider choosing a food delivery company in Dubai.

2. Fresh food is delivered to your doorsteps every day.

Many people have doubts regarding the freshness of food and ingredients delivered by such companies. But, if you pick reputed food delivery service, you can be assured of being in the safest hands. They ensure the use of fresh and natural ingredients procured locally with multi-cuisine choices. This takes care of the gut and the taste buds amiably!

Not all Meal Plan companies in Dubai have an everyday delivery policy. VMeals is a notch higher, though – they deliver freshly cooked or ready-to-cook meals, day in and day out until you subscribe otherwise. It is the only meal plan company that got featured on the reputed Dubai journal, DubaiMatic for their excellent services and growth.

3. Nutrition


Entering the kitchen after a hectic day to cook a healthy meal is the last thing for most residents in Dubai. Even if homemade food sounds attractive, it is easy to take a shortcut and go in for an off-the-shelf ready-to-cook food. In many cases, these are not as healthy as you would want them to be. Then, there is also the temptation to order food from a restaurant, but such indulgences can take a toll on the health of your family and pocket too.

Thus, choosing a Meal Plan Company makes your life way more comfortable. But this is not just about the comfort. It’s about getting well-balanced meals that contain nutrient-rich ingredients. Not just that, leading companies ensure that their meals are not fried and yet are as tasty as fried food. You need to be certain of the nutritional value being offered by these companies. With the right meal plan delivered on time, you are sure to stay in the pink of your health for years to come.

4. Sustainability

Keeping the Earth healthy is as important as our health. When choosing a Meal Plan Company, pay attention to its sustainability goals and commitments. Locally grown and sourced food is a viable, sustainable goal. There are companies that depend on plastic-free packaging solutions investing in innovative and biodegradable solutions that help reduce the carbon footprint on the ecosystem.

By choosing to subscribe to a pioneering service provider, you can easily give up off-the-shelf packaged food that comes packed with harmful materials and also contain toxins that can cause damage to your health.

5. Gourmet choices


Another distinct reason for reaching out to a reliable Meal Plan Company is the kind of variety you get to treat your tasting buds with. The Companies design their menus to ensure that all your favorite food items are included viably. Not just that, there are the inclusions of seasonal food and weekly special items too. All of it makes diversifies your gastronomical needs.

To top it, a credible Company weaves in novel and interesting ways to make the food more likable, including its presentation.


Dubai’s population consists majorly of expats. Almost 85% of the residents are from countries worldwide. The culture majorly is characterized by working individuals, whether staying alone or with family. And, demographically, the majority of the population are Millennials and Gen Z. In ardently, the crowd has a faster lifestyle. Since Dubai has innumerable attractions, there’s excitement and thrill all around.

Amidst this hectic lifestyle, signing up with a meal plan company makes life smooth and comfortable and, of course, keeps you in good shape.

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

I started my career at following the completion of my studies in Agricultural Economics at the University of Belgrade. My fascination with this field arose from recognizing the pivotal role marketing plays in companies' business strategies.