How Male Sex Toys are Actually Good for Your Health

Sex, in fact, is one of life’s most essential features. Pleasure is nearly as vital as the air you breathe and the food you eat.

This is true for both men and women. Although many women enjoy using sex toys to reach the highest point, this isn’t as common in males.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how male sex toys can benefit the body and why men should definitely use sex toys! The sex toy industry is worth 15 billion dollars so it’s is truly something that we all do in secret. The reasons could be many and different for people but we all enjoy pleasure and pleasure is the way to go. Next to the physical benefits, there is also the psychological benefit of it and this can last much longer and be much more valuable. But first let’s be clear about something, using male sex toys has nothing to do with orientation or masculinity. It is in no way, shape, or form gay and it is just about enjoyment. Yes, the gay community was more open for expiration in the past but the times changed and there is a myriad of sex toys and different ways for straight and cis men to go to town and get that piece of ecstasy Be it with a partner or without a partner.

So let’s list some of the benefits that are connected with using male sex toys, in no particular order:

1. It releases stress


Stress is a big part of our daily lives. Our jobs, our commutes, our families can be super stressful and the unwinding process needs to exist. It’s super important for us to clear our head and body and to find the best way to relieve and let that tension slide away. We all noticed how we get relaxed and our minds get empty after a good orgasm. So having a cock ring that can stimulate you even more or a nice vibrator that can bring you closer to the edge, can bring a lot and relieve a lot. Be it that you have a partner or not, sex toys can help you sleep easier and get your mind off things.

2. Fun and convenient

Masturbation is healthy. It gets hormones running, it gets the heart to action. The flushness rejuvenates our body and mind and having sex toys around means that you can achieve this nirvana at the tip of your finger. Be it on the go, or in some action, sex toys can bring that nifty pleasure at any moment. This connects to the stress thing, you can unwind at any time, you just need to get in the mood. Sex toys are mobile and you don’t need a lot of expertise to use them. You learn your body, you learn the toy and the options are limitless for some time. Especially if you are separated from your partner this can be a lifesaver. Even a sex doll from could be a good idea if your partner is far away.

3. Gets your stamina up


As said, circulation is a big part of masturbation and this is a great form of cardio. Sex is great for the overall health of your body and mind and you don’t always need a partner. Sex toys can actually get your stamina higher, you can increase the time you will spend with your loved one by using toys. Setting that boundary a bit further and having that experience will make you more resistant to orgasming and all that can bring numerous benefits to your partner.

4. You will learn yourself

Continued on the stamina, YOU WILL LEARN about yourself. You owe to yourself to learn about your body, to learn every little nook and cranny of your mind. Sex toys can get your imagination run wild and sharpen your feeling. You will see what you like, how you like to be touched, how much pressure you need on that spot, will a tighter or a looser motion bring you closer to the edge. All this again benefits your relationship, it benefits your partner as you can explore more, love more, receive, and give more.

5. You will sleep better


Insomnia, well it wasn’t for nothing that insomnia and hysteria were treated with a doctor and a dildo. A good orgasm is worth a lot and as you orgasm, the mind clears itself and the body turns itself off. This is a great way to ensure nice sound sleep and to feel great in the morning. Ejaculation is key and if you can’t sleep, well a good orgasm will sure help. We can guarantee that. Sex releases oxytocin and so many endorphins that will just make you much calmer and you definitely want this!

6. Your relationship will get better

With all these benefits combined, you will surely change and all these things incorporated in the bedroom can lead to some amazing moments. You will let yourself to your partner more and you will explore the depths of feelings much safer and collected. Those moments lead to fireworks and true love and wanting between people. Those are the relationships that you want to nurture and have in your life. All this, from better sleep, less stress, being more open will lead to true communication between partners and it can increase the overall health of your relationship. Sex is magical and you should use it and have it at any point, of course, while it’s healthy and consensual.


Sex toys for both sexes can have so many positive benefits on your life. A truly magical activity with such potential should not be ignored. We need to normalize that sex is natural and part of us and our bodies. We run on it, we strive to it, we need it to function and procreate. So having sex toys can greatly benefit men and women. There should be no reasons why we shouldn’t explore our bodies, our minds, and the final goal should be a clear head and a state of nirvana for that split second of the orgasm.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

My name is Bogdan Radicanin, but everyone calls me Boba. I also work as a full-time musician. I approach both jobs with a lot of passion, and I believe that's what makes me successful.