4 Ways To Make Your Landlord Love You

Let’s be honest. It’s not necessarily easy to be a renter or tenant. It can be frustrating not to have full control over your living quarters and to have to rely on your landlord for maintenance.

On the other hand, there are many perks to renting. Not being responsible for many repairs or much of the general upkeep of the property can be a relief because it takes a lot of stress off your shoulders.

Still, as a renter, you may wonder how to make your landlord or property management company treat you right. Having them on your side goes a long way, because they’re more likely to let you renew your lease and provide the highest quality of service.

Luckily, most landlords and property managers are receptive to renters that uphold their responsibilities according to the lease. There are situations in which you end up with a landlord who doesn’t do their job, but we hope you can find a better situation when you move.

Generally speaking, if you’re easy to work with, the landlord or property management team will appreciate the effort. If you want to be a great renter and build a relationship of trust with the people you rent from, the five tips below are an excellent place to start.

1. Pay the Rent on Time

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If there’s one thing that landlords love above all, it’s a tenant who pays the rent on time. If you are consistent about turning in your rent, you’ll quickly be regarded as an easy renter to work with, and your landlord won’t feel a need to hassle you.

This makes sense, doesn’t it? You signed the lease and committed to pay a specified amount per month, so if you uphold that side of the deal, that’ll make you trustworthy and reliable.

Landlords and property managers don’t wish to spend their time hunting down the rent, and paying on time also saves you money. You won’t end up getting stuck with late fees. To learn more about property managing, check this out.

To help you pay on time, try to get into a sound routine, such as setting up auto-pay. If some strange situation happens that means your rent is late when it hardly ever is, the best approach is to communicate. Accidents happen, but being upfront about them and generally consistent are vital.

2. Don’t Break Any of the Leasing Rules

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Just like paying the rent, following the lease terms is a straightforward proposition, but makes a huge difference in becoming a tenant landlords love. Each lease is unique, so it isn’t easy to make blanket statements about what you should do.

However, before you sign anything, make sure you are comfortable with all the details laid out in the lease, and that you plan to follow the rules. Some general leasing requirements to be aware of that will upset landlords if you break them are:

  • Pet policies: Many people want to have a pet, and it can be tempting to go against a lease that prohibits them and try to hide it. But it’s difficult to keep a pet secret, and not worth being forced to move out because you broke the lease.
  • Parking regulations: If you live in an apartment building or townhome, you might have to observe stricter guidelines with regard to parking. It can be frustrating not to have extra space to let visitors park, but you have to consider the other tenants. It’s crucial to be considerate, and your landlord won’t be happy about having to deal with parking disputes.
  • Any guidelines about upgrades: When you own the place, you’re usually free to impose almost any upgrades you want, as long as they follow the building codes of the city or town. But things are different when you rent.

You may want to renovate your living conditions, but first you’ll have to ensure your landlord doesn’t mind. They’ll rarely be in favor of you making significant changes, but they may be receptive to minor upgrades if you can guarantee they’ll be done well. It’s critical to ask first, though.

If you keep the conditions of the lease in mind and follow them to the letter, you’ll be a renter who’s easy to work with and that most people love.

3. Be Respectful of Your Neighbors

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Fortunately, many of the things you do that would make your property management company happy also will make your neighbors happy. When you rent, especially if you’re in an apartment, you may have many other people living next door. This is one of the pros and cons of this kind of living situation. Since you are closer to more people, you should think about them, too. Be aware of noise levels, especially at night.

Landlords will also appreciate your being respectful of the neighbors, because they don’t care to end up having to mediate conflicts. Overall, a considerate approach will make your neighbors and anyone else involved with the property content, and you’ll have a more pleasant time in which you’ll get along with everyone.

4. Keep the Place Clean

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When you own a place, you enjoy the prerogative of maintaining the premises however you wish, without worrying about any consequences. Still, a well-kept, beautiful home or living space reflects well on you. If you keep your rental clean and well taken care of, your landlord will be most pleased. You are also better off, because you’re more likely to get your security deposit returned, and won’t have to end up paying for damage and repairs.

What If I Am a Good Renter But My Landlord Doesn’t Like Me?

Even if you do everything on the above list, some people won’t be as easy to work with as others. This is understandably frustrating if you’re someone who tries to follow the rules, behave respectfully, and take care of where you live.

If you find yourself in a stressful situation, moving somewhere with a better reputation might be worth it. And if something happens that makes you feel unsafe or threatened, consider looking into the tenant laws in your area.

Mostly, all you need to do is follow the rules and be respectful of everyone.

Radulovic Jovica
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