Which City is the Las Vegas of Europe? – 2024 Guide

When someone says the word “Casino” or “gambling”, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably – Las Vegas. Over the years, this magic city has built its reputation as the capital of fun, the mecca of pleasure and the entertainment world. What’s so special about Las Vegas? There are several reasons worth mentioning. It is a place where everything is possible. You can visit one of the casinos with $50 and leave it with 10 or a hundred times bigger amount of money. You can indulge in the world of luxury, unparalleled nightlife, try different games and meet fantastic people. That’s why it’s no surprise that people want to visit this city at least once in their lifetime. With so many different ways to spend your time in Sin City, there’s even a bit of beautiful Nevada Desert nature, where it’s located. This is one of the few cities in the US where gambling is legal, so if you want to try your luck, this is a place where you shouldn’t be worried about laws and regulations.

But is this urban, sinful area the only city of its kind in the world? It certainly does attract millions and millions of people a year, with its flashy lighting and its astonishing casinos. However, there are several countries in the world that can easily compete with Las Vegas. This paradise in the middle of the desert is something that other destinations can hardly overpower, but if you look at the wider picture and explore the gambling capitals in the entire world, not just America, what do you think you will find?

There are several reasons to consider Europe as your gambling destination. In Europe, there’s a huge variety of casinos and gambling is also highly developed and certainly worth trying. That’s why it is hard to pick only one city and call it the Las Vegas of Europe. However, when we compare the fine dining, nightlife, gambling quality, casinos, fascinating interiors and high-end visitors, weather, scenery and prices, the best Las Vegas’s competitor is logical, Monte Carlo.

Where is Monte Carlo located?

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Often called “Europe’s gambling capital”, this city is located in Monaco, a small country near France. It is actually the second smallest country in the world, which certainly didn’t limit its potential to become one of the most popular gambling destinations. Just like Las Vegas, it makes its revenue from tourism, not only gambling. Similar to the Nevada Desert, the scenery in Monte Carlo and the whole of Monaco is breathtaking, and is something people enjoy when visiting. Mediterranean sea, mild climate, palm trees and glamorous events, is there anything left to desire?

The density of Monaco is the complete opposite of the size of its territory. Smaller than New York’s Central Park, it is one of the densest places in the world, providing you with a fantastic network of people, no different than the one in Las Vegas. It’s even possible to meet more people from the world of luxury, since the number of millionaires who live here, exceeds the number of millionaires anywhere in the world, with the amazing number of almost 15 thousand per one square mile and or one in three people you could possibly meet.

Why Monaco and why Monte Carlo?

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It’s not a coincidence that this city became a popular gambling destination. It seems like this amazing place in the French Riviera has always been an attractive spot for visitors and tourists. What made it into one of the most luxurious resorts on the planet? Its location shows the amazing potential for unparalleled high-end amenities such as car races, boat exhibitions, and of course – gambling. Nestled right between Italy and France, accompanied by the beauty of the Mediterranean sea, it was a convenient spot for all the world’s wealthiest people to enjoy their extravagant lifestyles to the fullest. But the biggest reason of them all is quite simple. It’s all about taxes.

This is the country that has refused to impose income taxes when it comes to its residents and numerous businesses. Not only that, this country’s tolerance or some would say – loose banking regulations have attracted many people who were ready to take advantage of this concept. It was even blacklisted for a while since it wasn’t so cooperative when it comes to international standards. Luckily, eleven years ago, it was successfully removed but it still stays one of the most liberal countries when it comes to taxes. The country’s biggest revenue, however, comes from gambling and tourism. Its residents are not the main source of revenue. Quite the opposite. The residents of other countries such as Italy and Germany are the ones who spend the most money in Monte Carlo.

How are the casinos regulated?

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Monaco consists of 5 casinos in total. Every one of them is famous on its own. They are all regulated by both local and global laws. Just like Las Vegas, it’s legal to gamble in here. How did Monaco become so luxurious? Long ago, this wasn’t a high-end destination. It is something that had to be built. The country managed to achieve this by banning the locals from its casino buildings. It was only allowed for Monaco residents to enter the casinos as workers, not as visitors. This resulted in a fantastic amount of gamblers from different countries, who were attracted to visit and spend money there. That’s why even today, the vast majority who live there, are foreigners.

Are there any online casinos in Monaco?

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On the contrary, online gambling is not that developed in Monte Carlo. In fact, it’s mainly forbidden. It’s a logical consequence of their government’s strategy to help save them money in the country by restricting the locals and their expenses and to reward the foreigners who are willing to spend their money in this country. Some regulations have been suggested, but they were never adopted. However, that’s only the case for online gambling websites based in Monaco. You can always visit some of the renowned websites such as gclub-casino and indulge in all your favorite games, with no limitations or worries. Thanks to the rise of modern technology, the online gambling industry has been noticed as the future of gambling. Considering all the options available, will the online casinos become more popular than the traditional ones, in Las Vegas, or Monte Carlo? The time will tell.