The Positive Influence of Transcription on the Business Progress and Productivity

A small company, a young start-up, or a huge business has something similar. All these organizations do their best to build efficient workflow and increase productivity as much as possible. There are many tips and tools to optimize the work for your team and every employee in particular but you definitely don’t expect to see a transcription website among them.

Well, it’s not a surprise that people don’t know how professional transcription online services can positively influence the setting and reaching goals. All we make mistakes – it’s fine but everyone should prevent repeating these mistakes.

So don’t ignore real opportunities to increase the productivity and effectiveness of your business. Just find out now why you need business transcription and how to achieve more advantages of Transcriberry innovative tools.

The meaning of the video and audio to text transcription


This is a process of transforming content in video or audio format into traditional text. There are 2 main types of transcription:

  • automatic transcription. An online service uses innovative technologies to recognize and save verbal content in text format. The accuracy of such method reaches up to 80% and suits personal needs;
  • human transcription. This is a processing of information made by professional transcriptionists. As a result, the quality of content will be better. Such mistakes-free texts are highly appropriate for business needs.

Anyway, both these options are excellent tools in different situations. Let’s see why you should use such an innovative technology to scale the future of your business.

Direct advantages of using transcription

As you can see, transcription assistance may improve your business progress and bring you extra benefits instead of useless wasting. Here are the main things it could do.

1. Propose to your customers a variety of content


Even if your company provides your target audience with high-quality content, it may still not be enough. Customers demand getting useful information in different formats regularly. No matter what you do – you have to do more and better with transcription services.

Just take your videos and transform them into classic articles or social media posts. On the one hand, your audience will consume exciting content in new ways. On the other hand, you wouldn’t spend extra time and money on producing new content. This is a double victory for business!

2. Boost your audience retention and satisfaction

Besides the variety of content, people also want to have several options to make choices. As a result, you will increase your customers’ satisfaction several times.

Satisfaction in business is a core element of your success. Without happy and satisfied loyal clients your company wouldn’t exist. Such an approach will also help you attract new audiences by highlighting your positive intentions and activities.

3. Increase your company’s recognition and visibility


If your target audiences don’t know about your existence you shouldn’t expect good sales and ROI. They literally have no idea your company is able to propose anything worth attention. That’s why you should work on your search engine optimization to improve your presence on the Web. The right marketing strategy can boost your website traffic and attract new visitors.

Video and audio content is great but your audience needs more. For example, many people type requests in Google and expect to find short and brief answers. If your website is full of video content, it still can’t give answers to users’ questions. You need FAQs, articles, descriptions, and other information in text format to satisfy them.

So if you rely on professional human transcribers you will add more unique texts to your website without a content creation process. This is how Google indexes define your popularity among users and rank your website as a useful one.

4. Give your content a second life

You may make a content plan and schedule publishing content for months. It seems the perfect strategy that can capture your audience’s attention. But there is an issue.

You can’t always find relevant newsbreaks all the time. It is impossible to find fresh and demanding topics every day. At the same time, you can’t publish useless content and expect many likes from people. That’s why using transcription options will let you repurpose your audio and video files. Receiving your content in a new format allows you to target a new audience and new platforms.

5. Work on your audience’s engagement


Using different types of content helps you to analyze your target audience’s preferences. If they don’t like videos based on storytelling but adore brief infographics you will easily build your win-win marketing strategy. This is another reason to try working with a transcription company.

As soon as you increase the engagement with your target audience, you’ll start noticing better ROI and sales indexes. Who knows how your conversation will increase just by using this simple tool.

How to deal with your transaction tasks

No matter the sales of content you want to transcribe it’s better to use stable and beneficial services. Choose the automatic option if you are okay with normal-to-high accuracy or prefer human assistance if you require the highest accuracy only.

By working with professionals in transcribing, you’ll achieve the following benefits:

  • save time. According to statistics, you need 2.35 minutes to transcribe 1 minute on your own. Having professional support means saving plenty of working hours;
    the highest accuracy. 99% accuracy is possible if you rely on experts. Without having experience in doing such jobs, you can’t be sure of the final content quality;
  • save money. Every employee in your company does his or her job to receive money but only productive work is efficient work. Doing transcription requires more time than ordinary tasks and breaks the whole team’s efficiency.

That’s why you should prefer professional assistance with transcribing your content and archiving all these benefits for your business. This is the most rational choice that suits your desires and expectations. So make the best for your company and start taking advantages of professional transcription assistance!

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

My name is Bogdan Radicanin, but everyone calls me Boba. I also work as a full-time musician. I approach both jobs with a lot of passion, and I believe that's what makes me successful.