Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Commercial Building’s Landscape

Commercial complexes and buildings can be sophisticated and look outdated if not enhanced or given a touch of artistic and natural makeup. Workplaces are an essential part of life, which are supposed to be refreshing, enlightening and makes us feel optimistic about our start at work. Here are a few tips and tricks which can help your commercial complexes to look pleasing and atrocious-

1. Adding amenities in the complex


Right amenities can make the area look posh and beautiful. It catches an eye quicker than a primary space and is all blank. Increasing amenities grow productivity. Be it any commercial complex, people wish to be in an area that focuses on their healthy being and lifestyle.

It can add value to the complex by adding facilities like-

  • Gyms
  • Lush-green parks
  • Fitness centres
  • Playgrounds
  • Wi-fi
  • Common areas of socialising or resting.
  • Amphoe theatre.
  • Cafeteria.
  • Swimming pool.

2. Making the premise environment friendly

Planting trees and placing small succulents and shrubs around can make the area breezy, giving an elegant touch to the surroundings. Bringing in a glimpse of nature in workspaces can help empower working efficiency.

One of the essential likings of purpose-driven companies is that they contribute significantly to sustaining nature. However, this idea has been getting tough day by day. A few benefits of adding plants are-

  • They reduce energy usage
  • Manages temperatures in hotspots.
  • It can help control indoor pollutants.
  • It helps in lifting the mood.
  • Enhances interiors.

Greenery nowadays is a new piece of commercial decor which is seen everywhere. It is a step to make the globe greener, but it is also a sustaining way to keep complexes well-maintained and appealing.

Adding new flowering plants which are seasonal and have glowing colours can beautify the complex more. All the varieties like the local ones, native flowers and some rare flowers are a great fit.

Well trimmed shrubs and perfectly pruned plants make the area look clean and require less maintenance.

3. Using attractive and creative signboards


It isn’t easy to find huge buildings with tons of offices and cabins to see places like washrooms, coffee shops, etc. For this purpose, sign boards are used to guide us the way.

Signs that are creatively drawn, boards that have a movie dialogue to tell the directions, colorful sign prints, etc., can add the elements of quirkiness.

While being all creative, the signs must be user-friendly and visible enough for everyone.

4. Great seating arrangements

Instead of boring chairs or one-line seatings, making a U-shape or a dynamic seating arrangement in the lobby or out in the landscape can give clients and every staff in the complex a pleasant experience and make them want to work.

A new way of shifting from the monotonous desk to something more exciting and breathtaking.

Well maintained seating arrangements can make an excellent first impression when they approach. It also makes a comfortable place for fresh air after hours of working.

5. Light will be lit


As dusk arrives, the landscapes can be enticed with street lamps, adding small LED lights to the shrubs and trees. Across the footpath and pavements wherein, the light is required at most. Throw the light by highlighting the logo or the entrance of the complex.

6. Direct traffic and pedestrian flows

A line of shrubs and small plants along the path and arbours is a great way to lead the client to the correct entry of the building.

Adding this to the landscape is necessary for better vision and pedestrian movement. In case of trespassing, planting thorny bushes and tall trees like Canopy can prevent any theft or any malfunctioning.

7. Creating waiting areas


Table and chairs, benches or bean bags can be added to waiting rooms for visitors or clients. In summers, waiting outside in the scorching sun doesn’t sound like an ideal waiting area for anyone. These arrangements make a convenient waiting area.

8. Reducing fire hazards

Landscapes are designed to prevent fire hazards, alternative water facilities, keep fire extinguishers handy, and spaces through which the vehicles can be easily driven.

9. Highlight the architecture


Unique architecture can be a game-changing point in terms of gaining attention. Make an open space for statues, fountains and any decor which highlights or focuses on the motto of the commercial property.

10. Adding graphic walls and pillars

Art which shows a company or complex’s logo can draw attention instantly, giving a colourful touch to the monotone canvas. These walls can be done in areas like the atrium, cafeteria, waiting for sites, or any barriers highlighted the most in the complex.

When it comes to sustainable strategies, people think it’s time-consuming to build and costs a lot of money. However, it is easy to save time, energy and the environment. Here are a few ways to make a ‘Sustainable landscape”.

11. Provide parking


Think of the time wherein you are running late for a client meeting, and there is no parking. It can be frustrating and annoying at the same time. Sufficient and accessible parking can get tricky sometimes.

However, some solutions like using AirTag, providing rectangular spaces for parking, and Flowing designs and slope areas for the vehicle’s easy entry should be kept in mind while building the parking lot.

12. Usage of recycled water

Water is wasted in big companies and complexes at an alarming rate. Using methods like irrigation and rainwater harvesting can contribute a lot to this. Irrigation systems will accommodate water that is recycled and available in the cities.

Complex owners can collect this water by pipes, perimeter paths, harvesting systems etc. This water can be supplied to the greenery around, which reduces the load of maintaining the plants.

13. Water management systems


A conscious environmental choice indeed. Adding smart controllers, controlling systems that prevent water wastage, and adjusting the timings of water depending on the weather are a few solutions by which one can achieve sustainable growth.

However, these appliances do not take up much space and add to the infrastructure’s dynamic nature.

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Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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