How to Soundproof a Server Rack?

Computing hardware works noisily. When performing tasks, equipment tends to produce noise. But not only hardware is the only source of the noise. Cooling fans also work noisily; their blades cut the air, which creates additional noise. The walls of the server furniture resoatne creating noise. When taken together, all these components generate too much noise that employees can hardly stay on the same premises. Thus, most system administrators prefer to place server cabinets in separate rooms, where they won’t distract employees or provide other inconveniences.

Yet, what to do if it is impossible to relocate the server rack? For example, when it is a server cabinet for stores, banks, or other institutions or a small desktop enclosure for an office. Moreover, noise can signal improper functioning of particular components and possible breaking.

Ways to Dampen Sound in Data Centers

Judging by the source of noise, different methods are applied. They distinguish between server furniture and premises soundproofing.

Ways to Reduce Noise in Server Furniture


First, let’s see how to make a rack server quiet. There are several possible ways to make your system work quieter:

  • Clean cooling fans

Fan blades accumulate dust over time. If the layer of dust is too thick, fans start working noisily since the air can’t freely circulate. Put off fans and clean blades.

  • Reduce the speed of the fans

Each device has optimal conditions for operation. They are specified in the specs. Fans should spin at a particular speed. If this condition is violated, they can work noisily.

  • Purchase server rack furniture with applied soundproofing technologies

The modern market offers a wide range of quiet server cabinets for any purpose, need, and room like on the website. If you have a deteriorated model, you should probably replace it with a new one.

  • Buy quieter fans

Different models of fans have diverse designs and tech features. Perhaps, your fans are not broken but produced to be noisy. Try to buy another model. Pick the quietest fan system.

  • Buy a quiet server

Server models differ in productivity, power, and other characteristics. All these features can influence the degree of emitted sound. Pick the server that will generate the needed power but work quietly.

  • Soundproof material for the server rack

If you have already bought server furniture, but it turns out to be very noisy, do not get upset. You can use special materials to soundproof an enclosure. Here’s how to soundproof a server rack with special materials:

  • acoustic foam. Foam muffles sound.
  • mass-loaded vinyl. The material is very elastic, which allows taking any shape. Due to this flexibility, it can fit any surface.
  • rubberized spray. This is a liquid substance of special chemical composition, which is applied to server rack surfaces. Upon getting dry, the substance creates a rubber layer for sound dampening.

Ways to Absorb Sound within Data Centers


If you need to improve the quietness of the entire data center, you have to pump the door and walls. In this case, special soundproof materials are used. The modern construction market offers diverse options for soundproofing premises. The most popular materials are:

  • mineral wool;
  • polyurethane panels;
  • cork panels;
  • soundproof membranes.

Soundproofing Cabinets VS Premises

Dealing with server cabinets means that sound will be dampened inside the enclosure. This means that soundproofing server furniture is a perfect option for offices and public places when server furniture is placed next to employees. This option has the following advantages:

  • compact use;
  • the ability to install racks next to people;
  • cost-efficiency since fewer materials are needed. Thus, less investment is required;

If we speak about separate data centers, here system administrators can deal with room soundproofing. This option has the next benefits:

  • it is possible to use any room for data center arrangement;
  • a wide variety of solutions for improving quietness.

Generally, both options are worth attention. Each of them is suitable for a particular case. Depending on the type and size of the network system, administrators choose the most suitable solution for each situation.

How to Control the Heat in Premises and Furniture?


Everyone knows that network hardware heats well when performing calculations or other computing tasks. Heat is one of the main enemies for hardware since it can cause overheating, break downs, and system malfunction. Thus, the issue of creating and maintaining the required environment inside server premises is one of the crucial topics to consider at the stage of planning.

A great number of heatproof sensors with various functions are offered on the market. System administrators can install sensors in both rooms and cabinets to control the temperature and other environmental parameters (humidity, etc.). Most advanced sensors are equipped with alarm systems that signal changes in indicators and send alarm messages to the control board.

It is possible to create a heat control system by positioning sensors in different parts of the premises and cabinets to ensure that indicators are objective and control the temperature throughout big rooms or large cabinets. This method allows system administrators to protect equipment from overheating and manage the environment in server rooms remotely.

To summarize, note that IT equipment and servicing accessories tend to be too noisy. This can be a problem for businesses since noise distracts employees and impedes their performance. Also, extra noise can be a sign of system malfunction. It is important to guarantee the quiet functioning of all components and make maintenance timely. A list of solutions is applied to decrease the level of noise and make the network system work smoothly and quietly.

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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