How Do You Actually Have Sex with A Sex Doll? (2024)

The consensus is that the feeling of having sex with a sex doll is closer to the feeling of having sex with a real person than any other sex toy. They are inanimate but that doesn’t stop many people from considering them their silent companions.

If you’ve just spent a lot of money to get your hands on a sex doll, congratulations you’re about to open up a whole new kind of sexual experience. If you have no idea what to do with such a sex doll, then I’m going to teach you how to use a sex doll and how to have sex with it.

Prepare yourself for sex with a sex doll

man and a sex doll


Dressing up and styling your sex doll

Now that it is your model, you can match it with your favorite clothes and lingerie that can arouse your desire when wearing an assortment of your favorite outfits.

You can also customize her panties, lingerie, dresses and shoes to accentuate her features and cater to your preferences. When you are ready you can undress her with great anticipation.

You can also change her hairstyle with different accessories or wigs to enhance your fantasy experience and add a new dimension to your interaction with your sex doll.

Warming up your sex doll

This is a step that many people overlook, and once you realize the benefits of heating your sex doll you’ll regret your decision. The normal body temperature is between 35° and 37.5°, and by heating your sex doll to this temperature range, you’ll be able to experience more of what it feels like to be in the flesh when you’re in close contact with it.

Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions when heating it. You can place it on an electric blanket or use another specified heating device.

Lube your sex dolls

When using lube with your sex doll, it’s important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and use the recommended lubricants. Typically, you’ll need lube for various types of sexual activities, including vaginal, oral, anal, and titty fucking.

While some individuals may enjoy the sensation of the silicone or skin against their own without additional lubrication, most sex doll encounters are enhanced with the use of lube.

Be sure to select a high-quality lubricant that is compatible with your doll’s material and follow any specific recommendations provided to ensure a smooth and pleasurable experience.

How to have sex with sex dolls

How to have sex with sex dolls


A little foreplay would be nice

As with normal sex, foreplay will make you feel better. Increase pleasure by kissing, stroking, touching and massaging, and you can enjoy the process by dressing her and then watching her take her clothes off one by one.

It’s also important to be hygienic before engaging in foreplay and follow the instructions for cleaning to protect you and your doll.

Vaginal sex

This is the real reason why most people buy sex dolls. The vaginas of sex dolls are specially designed for this purpose both in terms of realism and tactile sensation to recreate the real female vagina to a great extent and it even conforms to the anatomical principles.

Some dolls have a removable silicone sleeve inside the vagina, which makes cleaning effortless. Her vagina is soft and fleshy to the touch, with lifelike labia and vaginal opening.

To enhance the sensual experience some dolls have heatable vaginas or are equipped with a vaginal heating tool for you. Vaginal sex with a sex doll is similar to normal sex.

You simply assume a comfortable position, apply lubricant to your penis, her vagina, or both, and gently penetrate her vagina. Generally a sex doll’s vagina will be tighter than a real woman’s vagina.

Anal sex

Most sex dolls have an anus that is ready for anal sex, and usually sex dolls have anal, vaginal and even oral penetration. Like the vagina, the anus has a removable lining that can be removed and cleaned after use.

However, unlike the vagina, the anal cavity is smaller and tighter than the vagina, so it needs to be lubricated with plenty of lubricant before insertion.

Oral sex

If you want to slide your cock into her mouth for oral sex that’s fine too, most sex dolls have mouths designed for oral sex. You can use lube to keep her mouth moist, the only shame is that it doesn’t have a flexible tongue.

But if you like deep throating, you can plunge your cock deep into its throat without any concern for its feelings.

Titty fucking

If you have never tried real titty fucking, your sex doll can help you realize your wish. Sex dolls have firm and soft tits that are very close to the feel of real skin, which makes them perfect for titty fucking.

You can cross your arms to hold it in place so that it can lift up its breasts for you to penetrate in the center, but this may make the doll look a little weird. You can also squeeze and caress her breasts while pushing them together and inserting your cock between them.

Sex doll positions

Sex doll positions


You can have sex with a tpe or silicone sex doll in most positions, but the cowgirl position may not be appropriate. You should be aware that if it is a full size sex doll, it is very heavy and can you afford to have such a heavy weight on your lower body.

Also, sex dolls cannot stand on their own, so if you want to have sex standing up you will have to prop it up or lean it against a wall. So the most ideal positions for sex with a sex doll are missionary, spoon, and doggy style.

Or you can buy a non-full size sex doll like some mini sex dolls or busty sex dolls which are lighter in weight.

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