How to Find a Long Lost Friend – 2024 Guide

Life is all about making friends, building connections, and creating stable relationships with those who appreciate your presence. However, because we cannot control everything that happens around us, sometimes getting out of touch with a close friend or a relative is a possibility. Life has a strange way of bringing people together but sometimes separating them as well. When something like this happens, and we feel like the person that we no longer communicate with was an important part of our life, we should give our best to try and re-gain connection with them once more.

Since there are over 7 billion people today, getting back in touch with a long lost friend is not an easy task. Thankfully, we have numerous websites and apps that can help us. The internet changed many things in our world and certainly made a lot of them much easier. Finding a long lost friend is next to impossible without using the help of databases and other sources of information, but there are still some things that you can do. Let’s take a look.

Use the already-known information

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The first step that you can take is to gather all the already-known information about the person you’re looking for and put it in one place. This can include almost anything, and it doesn’t have to be very significant because every little detail can help. Simply knowing the location where you’ve last seen them can sometimes be more than enough of a lead.

Anyway, make sure to gather the information of all of their social media profile names, mobile number, e-mail address, a favorite hobby, and their name and surname of course, which is something that will probably help you the most. If you cannot find any of this, it’s time to search the internet for information.

Search the internet for more information

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If the person you’re looking for was once your friend, then you surely know their name. Some would say that knowing their name is not of much use, but we tend to disagree. Since we live in the era of information, chances are that you’ll be able to locate this person just by using a database-search service such as for example. This is a site that’s used for many different reasons as well, but locating for people is one of them.

Such online services allow people to check the background of new friends, people who recently moved into their neighborhood, and all of that which is considered a basic security background check of a person.

Try sending out a letter

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If you manage to find the address of your long-lost friend either by digging through your old files or finding something about them on the internet, maybe it’s a good thing to send out a letter, just to let them know that you’re out looking for them. If it’s a person from the older generations, chances are that you won’t find them on social media, even though almost everyone has a profile one at least one social media platform these days. Sending out a letter might be considered a bit “old-fashioned”, but it’s an easy and convenient way of reaching out to someone, although it’s not the most time-effective one. If the letter is supposed to arrive at a destination that’s quite far away from where you live, this entire process will probably take some time, especially now during a global pandemic. However, you shouldn’t give up on reaching out to the person you’re looking for.

Talk to the people who were close with the person

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At some point in adult life, people want to take some time with themselves, so they either move out in a foreign country for a while or they simply leave town for a couple of months. If you suspect that this is the current case with your long-lost friend, talking to some of those who are close with them will probably yield the most information. Make sure to let them know that you were close with the person as well because otherwise, they might form a false opinion about you in their head. They’ll for sure raise some suspicions if they don’t know you. If you are friends with their friends too, then this part shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Look for any social media presence

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We already mentioned this above, but since the entire world is so heavily influenced by social media these days, we feel like this step deserves a category on its own. You don’t have to be an experienced power-user to be able to find someone on Instagram or Facebook. Facebook might be a bit easier for this since people usually use their full name and surname there when making their profile. Instagram is more alias-based, but we’ll get to that in just a bit.

Simply searching in the Facebook search bar using the name and surname of your friend is more than enough to check if they have any active profiles. If nothing comes out, try adding their nickname as well, if they have one. If this doesn’t work, move on to other platforms, such as Instagram which is equally popular these days. Do the same here, and you’ll probably have something already if this person is active on social media.

Visit their living location

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This is the last step and the one that we recommend only if you’ve managed to somehow establish at least some sort of communication with your long-lost friend. If they’re a relative or someone who you were close with in the past, you can try visiting their living location. Remember that this is a risky method and if you’re not sure whether they still live there or not, you could potentially be wasting a lot of money for the travel process itself.


If you ever lost touch with a friend who was quite important in your life, worry not, because there are a lot of things that you can do to re-establish the contact with them. In today’s article, we’ve listed some of the easiest yet most effective things that you can do to increase your chances of finding the person that’s missing from your life. We hope that our guide was helpful and we wish you the best of luck in finding whoever it is that you’re looking for.