Ultimate Juicer Review: How to Choose the Best Juicer in 2021

The best health product equally for elders and children is the fresh juices of fruits made at home. You listen to these words from every other doctor and to fulfill the nourishment needs of all family members easily at home is the use of Juicers.

Avoiding the high price, maintaining high hygienic conditions and enjoying the pure taste are the pros of juice freshly prepared at your own kitchen and the best way to enjoy this hospitality is by purchasing the best juicer. You can find some help regarding how to choose the best juicer at Breslik.

With patented auto clean technology, it’s quite easy to have healthy balanced nutrition with green veggies and fresh juices fulfilling all the nutrients and vitamins. A large variety of juicers are available in the market, each one having its pros and cons. As soon as the number of users rises, the critics give feedback either positive or negative for the companies which make a strict but positive competition among the leading manufacturers to develop the most convenient, easy to use, easy to clean, easy to assemble and a BPA free product that squeezes even last drop of juice to maximize the production.

1.  Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel:

img source: amazon.com


Dimensions (WxDxH): 12″ x 13.1″ x 10.6″

Power: 1000 Watts.

Voltage: 110-120 Volts.


  1. Speed controls: It has dual speed control system ranging from 6500 rpm to13,000 rpm with an extraction system to extract upto 30% extra juice and 40% extra minerals and vitamins.
  2. Capacity: Jug capacity is 1.1. Pulp Container capacity is 3.2.
  3. Material Used: Stainless steel,Titanum plated cutting disc,Circular 3 inch feed tube.
  4. Warranty: 1 year

Positive attribute:

A safety locking arm is attached to avoid its movement without cover and without a specific position

Over loading protection LED is applied to avoid overheating and to ensure safety.

Negative attributes:

Avoid bleach to wash nuri disc.

Motor needs rest for one minute between each use.

2. Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain Cold Centrifugal Juicer, Silver

img source: kinstacdn.com


Dimensions: 14.5×10.5×17.6 inches

Power: 850 Watts

Voltage: 120 volts


  1. Dual Speed control: 6500 rpm for soft fruit and leafy vegetables and 1300 rpm for hard vegetables and denser fruits.
  2. Capacity: Container can carry 3.4 Litre pulp and a 70 ounce seal and store
  3. Cold Spin Technology: An insignificant temperature increase is maintained by an Italian Mesh filter surrounding stainless steel cutting disc.
  4. Material Used: Plastic, 3 inch extra wide whole feed chute.
  5. Warranty: 1 year

Positive attribute:

A safety locking arm to avoid to and fro movement.

Easy to use.

Easy to clean.

Large capacity pulp collector.

Negative attribute:

It doesn’t have straining lid.

It doesn’t have Auto-Shut off.

3. Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel

img source: pinterest.com


Dimensions: 13-1/5 by 16-1/2 by 18-1/5 inches

Power: 850 watts

Voltage: 110-120 Volts


  1. Dual Speed Motor: With powerful stain-less steel cutting disc
  2. Dishwasher proof parts: Froth separator, filter basket and cleaning brush can be safely washed in dishwasher.
  3. Production: 3 inch feeder chute can produce 8oz.cup of juice in just 5 seconds with large pulp container.
  4. Material: Heavy grade polymer plastic material with stainless steel cutting disc extracting 30% more juice and 40% more vitamins.

Positive attribute:

A safety locking arm

An overload protection LED

Large pulp container

Easy clean up with included brush.

Parts can be cleaned on top shelf of dish washer

4. Breville BJE830BSS Juice Founatin Cold XL Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel

img source: bbystatic.com


Dimensions: 13.5 by 13.2 by 17.4 inches

Power: 1200 watts

Voltage: 110-120 volts


  1. Noise reduction Technology: Reduced mechanical noise by 40%
  2. Reduced preparation time by 3.5 inch extra wide chute
  3. Capacity: XL 70 fl.oz jug to store juice
  4. Material: Titanium reinforced cutting disc
  5. Cold spin technology: Allows juice to flow up
  6. Accessories: Juice nozzle, XL 70fl oz.seal and store juicing jug, cleaning brush

Positive attribute:

Number of speed setting is 3.

Ex large capacity of juice jug

Noise reduction technology

5x fast setting

Negative attribute:

Only few parts are dishwasher safe.

5. Breville BJE530BSS Juice Fountain Cold Plus Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel

img source: amazon.com


Dimensions: 13.15 x 8.6 x 17.64 inches

Power: 1000 watts

Voltage: 120 volts


  1. L-shaped Design: For better use of counter top store
  2. Cold spin Technology: To allow juice to flow up the stain less steel
  3. Shortened Prep Time: To allow you to juice whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting
  4. XL Juicing Capacity: 70 fl.oz jug
  5. Custom designed juice nozzle: To avoid dripping of juice when finished.

Positive attribute:

New designed model for better use

Cold spin technology

Reduced preparation time

Enlarged juice capacity

New juice nozzle to avoid dripping

Safety lock mechanism

Dual speed core

Negative attribute:

Huge parts, which take time to wash

Plastic material can be damaged over time with dishwasher time especially food pusher.

6. Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact Centrifugal Juicer, Silver

img source: wfcdn.com


Dimensions: 7.4 x 10.4 x 12.7 inches

Power: 700 watts

Voltage: 110-120 volts


  1. Safety locking arm: Which doesn’t let juicer to operate without juice cover
  2. Speed : 14000 rpm for maximum extraction
  3. Capacity: 1.6 quart container pulp, 27 oz juice capacity
  4. Centered knife blade assembly
  5. Material: Grade polymer body, stainless steel cutting disc, with extra large 3 inch feeding tube

Positive attribute:

Few parts are dishwasher safe

It has a see through lid

Has additional juice jug with froth separator brush

Has a locking lid

Negative attribute:

It s not BPA free

It doesn’t have auto shut-off switch

7. Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press Pro, Motorized Die Cast Stainless Steel

img source: beveragefactory.com


Dimensions: 11″ x 9″ x 18″

Power of motor: 100 watts


  1. Maximum juice extraction: with 1 size fit all juicing cone
  2. Material: stainless steel for housing, plastic for inner components
  3. Overhead pressor arm: with soft rubber grip to ensure safety
  4. Quite motor: Whisper quite powerful motor to flush out last juice of drop
  5. Quadra-fin-cone: To extract last drop of juice from all sizes of fruits
  6. Collector: To collect the juice attached with a spout locked in an upright position
  7. Safety lock arm

Positive attribute:

Superb design

Safety lock arm

Easy clean up as all parts are dishwasher safe

Easy storage

Negative attribute:

Short cord limiting the distance from switch to be used

Peels get stuck in dome

Cone cannot handle large grapefruit.

8. Breville BJS700SIL Big Squeeze Slow Juicer, Silver

img source: breville.com


Dimensions: 12 1/2″ diam., 17 1/4″ high.

Power of motor: 240 watts

Voltage: 110-120 volts


  1. Smart cap: create mixed juices
  2. Material: Stainless steel mesh filter
  3. Direction control buttons: for forward and reverse flow of juice
  4. Powerful low-speed extraction, to save flavors and vitamins
  5. Extracts high yield juice, with slow compression juicer
  6. Ultra-quiet motor

Positive attribute:

The cord is 3’3”

Warranty: 10 years

Easy assembly, with red dots on parts allowing the user to assemble without help

Extremely durable die-cast stainless steel body

Direction button eases juicing and unclogging

Negative attribute:

Have to rinse removable parts immediately after use

Filter basket not easy to clean

9. Breville RM-JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor (Renewed)

img source: topbestproreview.com


Dimensions: 11-1/4-by-7-3/5-inch.

Power of motor: 850 watts

Voltage: 110-120 volts


  1. Dual speed, 6500 rpm to 12000 rpm
  2. Material: Stainless steel micro-mesh filter basket
  3. Remanufactured product: with 90 day warranty period
  4. Capacity: 1 Litre juice jug

Positive attribute:

Easy to use

Extra-wide 3 inch feeder

Negative attribute:

Reassembled on trial basis

Warranty of 90 days only

10. Breville BCP600SIL Citrus Press Motorized Juicer, Silver

img source: breville.com


Dimensions: 8″ x 12.8″ x 18″.

Power of motor: 110 watts

Voltage: 110-120 volts


  1. Flip up spout: to prevent juice dripping
  2. BPA free parts, that come in contact with fruits
  3. Material: Stainless steel container basket with heavy grade polymer body
  4. Efficient citrus reamer: accommodates large and small fruits
  5. Extraction system is powerful squeezing last drop of juice too
  6. Patented dual switch for safety
  7. Powerful assisted arm, for quick and effortless production
  8. Built in sensors for juicing activation

Positive attribute:

One-handed operation, allows you to create maximum juice with minimal effort

Flip-up sprout prevents juice dripping

Removable parts are dishwasher safe

Magnetic fruit dome

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