How to Buy a Pop Up Canopy – Buying Guide 2024

People use different ways to relax and recharge their batteries. Some people would rather stay at home and watch a movie. However, when the weather is nice, the majority of people decide on certain outdoor activities. For instance, camping is one of the most entertaining ways to fulfill our free time. Despite that, people that live near the sea would decide to spend their free time on the beach with friends and family.

Whichever outdoor activity you choose, it is essential to prepare for it. That is the reason why pop-up canopy can be a helpful tool. It can make your journey to different locations more comfortable. The good news is that you can find huge types and models of pop-up canopies. On the other hand, choosing the right one for your needs is not an easy task. At first glance, they will all look the same or almost identical. Because of that, you need to analyze particular features before spending your money.

You came to the right place to find out how to buy a pop-up canopy. We prepared a couple of tips that will make the buying process a lot easier. Let’s find out those tips together!

Determine Your “Why”

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Before everything, you need to know why exactly you want to buy a pop-up canopy. We are sure that not all people plan to use them under the same circumstances. As we previously said, the product can be a useful tool for different outdoor activities. However, you can also use them for certain indoor events. If that’s the case, then you should put that difference into consideration.
Indoor activities do not require strong canopies. You won’t expose them to a higher temperature, and the level of protection is not going to be crucial for you. On the other hand, outdoor activities require some different features. You will need to find the models that contain strong metal. For instance, let’s imagine that you plan to organize an event in a windy or rainy environment. If that’s the case, it is recommendable that you pick those models that contain steel. In that way, you and your friends will be perfectly safe.

They Also Need to Be Weatherproofing

We will continue in the same manner. You will probably check the weather app on your mobile before organizing an event. However, that doesn’t mean that these apps are always correct. Because of that, you can’t be 100% sure that you will know the “circumstances” we previously mentioned.

The model of pop up canopy that you purchase needs to be weatherproofing. In other words, it needs to protect you in every possible moment. For instance, it may happen that you will have to deal with sunshine around noon. However, a few hours later, it may start raining. We are sure that you do not plan to purchase a couple of models and replace them a couple of times per day. Instead, buying a pop-up canopy that can handle everything would be a perfect choice.

Consider the Size You Need

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The perfect size of the pop-up canopy does not exist. It directly depends on the requirements and expectations that you have. For instance, let’s imagine that you want to organize a big friendly gathering in your backyard. That is probably the easiest way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, and similar things. You may need to purchase a model that is 10×10 feet big. On the other hand, models that are 5×5 feet big are also popular for everyday uses. You can place the smaller model in your backyard and protect yourself and your beloved ones. Logically, these pop-up canopies are not suitable for some bigger events.

We highlighted 2 sizes that are popular among people. However, that doesn’t mean they are the only ones. Before making a final decision, we recommend you get back to the first step from our list. The reason why you want to purchase a pop-up canopy will tell you which size is the perfect one.


As we said, you will manage to find different variations of the product. Whichever type you choose, it should not be difficult to use it. If setting up the current model seems complex to you, we recommend you avoid spending your money on it.

Indeed, if you pick the bigger ones, setting it up alone will be impossible. You will need to ask one person to assist you. Yet, even then, you should not spend more than a couple of minutes to finish the job.

Simplicity depends a lot on the material. Because of that, you may want to check the aluminum models. They are lighter and easier to transport compared to some other types. That is especially going to be important for people that plan to purchase a pop-up canopy for camping. If you can’t easily transport it to different camp spots, spending money on it would be a waste of money and time.

Pick the Right Type of the Legs

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At first glance, the type of legs will seem irrelevant to most people. However, there are some key differences that you should know about. In most cases, you will have the opportunity to pick between slanted and straight legs.

Before everything, you should know that slanted legs look more stylish. Despite that, they will offer you more space at the base. Yet, many people claim they are less stable compared to the other type. Despite that, they offer almost identical coverage.

Another difference between these two types is the price. Straight legs are usually more expensive, and that is the reason why many people decide on slanted legged pop-up canopies. We will let you decide alone on the type that is more matchable with your needs.

Final Thought

We highlighted the most important factors to put into consideration before spending your money. However, we did not want to recommend particular brands and models. Because of that, you should visit and get familiar with the options that you have. You will also see how much money you need to prepare to purchase different pop-up canopies. However, it is recommendable that you do not think only about money. Buying a pop-up canopy is a long-term investment. If you pick a good quality one, be sure you will manage to use it for years.