How to Build Your Own Bong – 2024 Guide

With the constant growth of the cannabis industry, the stigma between the enjoyers gradually drops. This creates fertile soil for new businesses with products that significantly improve the enjoyment of every user.

Starting from new strains, to smoking methods, there are various ways how you can explore cannabis enjoyment. Besides smoking, businesses have created other consuming methods such as edibles, patches, and topicals.

However, what happens when you run out of papers and you have no smoking gadgets? Luckily, you don’t have to worry because we created a guide for you about building a bong on your own. Keep reading, and learn how you can improvise and make your next smoking session more interesting.

Bottle Bong


One of the most interesting bongs that you can create on your own is the one made from a plastic bottle. Since it is a material that we all have in our household, there is nothing that prevents you from doing it.

Despite the availability of the materials, building this bong is super easy and it does not require any expertise. Just collect everything needed, and begin building.

Prepare the materials

For this smoking gadget, you need a bottle. However, you also need a tube, a sharp object or a knife, gum, and some foil. The combination of all these items results in a bong that is quickly made and makes your smoking session much more interesting.

Create an insertion point

The insertion point is the place where the tube will be inserted inside the bottle. There are a couple of methods on how can this be completed. You can use the sharp object to poke a hole in the bottle, or burn it using a lighter. Keep in mind that burning the bottle may release toxins that can be inhaled after.

The hole needs to be made on the lower portion of the bottle, or the lower third. This is essential so the tube can get in contact with the water, and you still leave space for the smoke to collect.

In addition, you need to create a valve on the upper portion. By keeping this hole closed, you create a vacuum that helps the smoke gets built up inside the bottle. When you release this hole, you can easily inhale, taking the toke right. The hole should be done on the upper third, and place it somewhere handy for your fingers.

Place the tube

The tube can be gotten either from a pen, or any other similar object. Keep in mind that it is better if it is made out of metal. However, if you don’t have a metal tube, you can do that with a plastic one. Make sure to protect the ending with a foil to prevent burning of the plastic, and inhaling toxins.

Place the tube inside the insertion point that you have created located in the lower third of the bottle. It should be placed at an angle with the portion of the tube located in the bottle looking downwards. All that is left for you to do is seal the opening. That can be done with chewing gum or silicone, but gum is an easier option.

Prevent the bud from falling inside the bottle

When you place the bud inside the tube, if you don’t secure it properly your herb will fall inside the bottle. To prevent such waste, you should create a bowl.

That can be done using the foil where you place it above the tube in a recessed shape. Next, use the sharp object to poke a couple of holes so the smoke can easily get inside the bottle.

Fill your creation with smoke and enjoy

What is left for you to do is try the bong out with regular air at first, and see if it is working. If you feel an odd taste or scent, make sure you leave it a little bit and try again afterward. If everything is alright, fill your creation with smoke, and enjoy your session to the fullest.

Building a professional bong


If you need a professional bong, it does not have to be bought complete. Since every person has different preferences, getting a custom smoking gadget can be essential to increase your satisfaction as suggested by

Luckily, some companies offer to build a bong on your own. They list all their materials, and you get to select the ones you need. Starting from the lower portions, you can choose the size and the shape of the base. You can also select the bowl, the mouthpiece, and every other part of the bong.

In addition, you can decide whether you want certain technology such as multiple chambers or percolators to improve the quality of your sessions even more.

Fruit bong


Another smoking gadget that you can build by yourself is a fruit bong. While it can be made from most fruits, it is usually made from bananas or apples.

Prepare the materials

For this project, you will need an apple and a sharp object that you will use for poking and digging. Since it is one of the easiest smoking methods, it is rare to find a cannabis enthusiast that hasn’t built one.

Get to digging

To create this bong, you need to dig up two tunnels inside the fruit. You should begin with the longitudinal portion where the stem is located. Use the poking tool that you have gotten, whether that is a knife or a straw, and get to digging.

Using a metal straw is an easier method since all you need to do is to stick it and twist it. When creating the first tunnel, be careful not to go through the whole apple. Going to the middle portion is enough and you need to stop there.

Next, you need to create the tunnel for your mouth portion. Select a portion of the side of the apple, and stick the straw so it can meet the main tunnel you have previously dug. That way, you have created a connected corridor that will allow the smoke to get to you.

To improve the flow, you need to create another hole so more air can get inside the fruit. This can be easily made by using the tunnel for your mouth portion and going through the whole apple. By covering and uncovering this hole, you can create a vacuum and release it when needed.

Pack it up

Before you pack your creation with your favorite strain, make sure you test it. All you need to do is to use it without product and see whether the airflow is good. If it is, pack the top portion, light it up, and enjoy your smoking session, whether alone or with your friends.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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