How To Build A Running Track?

Running track construction is a job that requires a lot of professionalism. Even the line drawing of the track requires a lot of professionalism. In the meantime, running track construction is required to be in line with IAAF (International Athletic Federation) standards which are very strict. All norms must be completed perfectly.

Items Used For Running Track


There are some steps and stages to be taken while building a running track. The stages of track construction may be listed as follows;

  • It should be ensured that the ground is made flat, cleared of slope and compacted. After the substrate is made flat, the composite material is placed.
  • In the adjustments to be made for the slope of the ground with the elevation of the level, attention is paid to the range of 0.5% to 0.7%. After the composite drainage materials are placed, it is possible to place the materials for the upper layers.
  • After the necessary infrastructure works are carried out, asphalt at a height of 10 centimeters is poured after the other operations. It is extremely important to create a smooth asphalt layer. Other materials may be selected as well rather than asphalt material. If asphalt material cannot be obtained, concrete at a height of 10 centimeters may be used by leveling it.
  • The most important step to be considered in the process of creating a 10-centimeter floor is fluctuation. It must be paid attention that more than 3 millimeters of fluctuation should not occur.
  • If the customer decides to get a polymer application, a layer is prepared on the concrete floor and it is used under the rubber floor. The connection of the two fields is firmly established.
  • In addition to layers, editing is done with hot machines. Lines of the running track are drawn with a striping machine. After this step, running track is ready to be used.

IAAF and Running Track

There are some striking requirements for an IAAF-approved running track. One of them is the 400-meter net length of the tracks. The length must be constant in the form of a full 400-meter lap.

If a running track has the necessary permits and it can be used for professional purposes. Attention is paid to the fact that the polyurethane material is of first quality and the composite material. If the materials used during the examinations are poor quality, approval is not given. Since it will not be an IAAF-approved running track, it will not be possible to organize various events.
Another thing to be considered infrastructure is the track line for the construction of an IAAF-certified running track. Drawing a line requires a lot of attention even if it looks like very simple work to do. If any mistake is observed in line drawing, the running track can not get a certificate. The measure between the lines must be the same as each other. Line drawing should be done with a professional line machine or else there will be some errors and it will be difficult to obtain a certificate. For this reason, customers should work with leading companies like Sports Flooring System to get quality running track. For more information about running track, you can visit

Running Track Construction Materials


In addition to the materials for the floor, it is essential to open the drainage channels in order to create the system in accordance with the standards. The use of concrete surface and tartan floor materials is necessary for the creation of layers from composite materials. Among the materials used for the construction of running tracks, rubber material will be placed at the bottom. In the upper part, another type of rubber is used to complete the tartan floor. Generally, the use of brick-colored material is provided.

It is not mandatory that the materials used on the running tracks are the same as those on the tracks where professional athletes will run. Runways of 400 meters, where all work is carried out in accordance with the procedures, can be prepared. The use of EPDM rubber and SBR rubber, especially on running tracks, can be costly, although it is not a professional purpose. For this reason, tartan ground or artificial turf is used in many jogging paths and areas designed as jogging tracks in parks and gardens.

Ground Types of Running Track


The systems used for running track may differ according to preferences or companies’ service. Leading companies offer their customers the following options; tartan floor, spray coating system floor, polyurethane floor, sandwich system floor.

Each system used has different features and construction stages. For example; tartan floors vary in their use for training as well as professional competitions. It is not mandatory to comply with international standards for floors that are frequently encountered especially in areas which are not involved in the Olympic stadiums. Each of the above ground types is preferred because they are suitable for use on athletics tracks. It is evaluated with different rubber materials and layer properties.

Running Track Dimensions

For running track dimensions, it may be said that the length is 400 meters. In the innermost part of the track, the length is 398 meters and 11 cm. However, if the runner continues to run from the outermost part of the track, this length reaches 453 meters. This is due to the 122 cm width in the lanes.

Running Track Prices


Running track construction cost varies according to many factors: size of the field, preferred method, quality of materials used, additional service etc. For this reason, the preferred company should be contacted for the construction of quality and pleasant running tracks and free price information should be requested after the relevant information is given to the company. In that way, customers should choose leading companies in order not to regret in the future. By visiting the websites of leading companies, you will not only get informed but also see other features of the services and products.

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