How Does Political Science Relate to Business?

Starting a career in business is something most people would like to do in their life. Being in charge of your own fortune and being your own boss is the ultimate goal of every working adult. Most of us have worked at least one job that we hated and we know the dreadful feeling of having to physically and mentally prepare for every workday of doing tasks we despise. This is why stepping out of the industry that does not suit us and doing some other type of business feels so freeing and refreshing.

Being a Businessperson

When someone describes their job title or career as that of a businessperson, it can imply so many different things. Are they an investor? Are they the owner of their own company, or perhaps several companies? Do they have a seat at the board of some big-name firm? Maybe it is all of the above? Whatever it is, it always feel too broad to put into a few words. It is not a simple job you do for 8 hours per day and then come home. It is so much more work, but it is so much more rewarding both in financial sense and in terms of giving you happiness.

Modern Business and Politics


In the modern world, politics are a part of everything. Although that should probably not be the case, it is and everyone knows it. Rarely can business be done without any type of politics being involved especially when there are foreign partners and/or investors to partner up and collaborate with. All it takes is a shipment of goods across a few borders for headaches to start coming. The paperwork and the bureaucracy is immense, the laws and regulations that need to be respected are plenty, and it takes a lot of time to complete even a small deal with someone who is far away.

It does not even have to be a foreign partner for politics to get involved and make things more challenging and difficult. Small business people know these troubles too. Starting a company and registering it as a new business immediately puts the owner on the map. Making sure that things stay legal and in line with the laws and regulations of the industry as well as what the government imposes is the key to staying profitable, or even operational. Numerous businesses are tightly connected to local governments. From getting the permit to register the company to paying taxes and having licenses to work, politics is everywhere.

For these and many other reasons it makes perfect sense for new businessmen and businesswomen to learn a thing or two about political science. Educating yourself on things you know nothing about can only elevate you higher and allow you to rise above the competition. When someone goes out of their way to improve their position with education and research, there is hardly anything that can prevent them from succeeding. A huge part of every 21st century business person’s arsenal should be knowledge of political science. If that is not possible or if there is something that only a professional consultant could know and help with, it is a smart idea to hire one. You can learn more about this by checking out one such expert at

What is Political Science?


Now that we have mentioned why politics is such a big part of business, let us focus on political science as a scientific study. Also known as politicology, it is a social science that deals with the many different systems of power and governance. It also analyzes political activities, thought, and behavior, as well as laws and constitutions. In the modern sense, political science comprises three interconnected subdisciplines. These include comparative politics, political theory, and international politics.

On its own, political science cannot really exist as it does. It is actually tightly connected with many other industries, fields, and branches of science. Some of the fields it heavily relies and depends on include law, economics, history, sociology, psychology, sociology, and many others. Considering the topic of this article is the relationship between political science and business, the most important sides worth mentioning are economics and law.

What to Do as a Business Person


As a business owner, you have to be familiar with what type of business and the industry it is a part of and have to make sure of in respect to the politics in your country. The economics and the laws you must comply with will dictate how you can and should conduct business, what you are allowed to do, and what is strictly prohibited. It does not really take long for a businessperson who is not careful to end up in great deal of trouble with the authorities.

It usually happens with paying taxes, employing people off the books, wrongful termination, mistreating employees, harassment of different sorts, failing to properly secure the premises, etc. While these things may seem like they do not have any politics in them, it is all a part of one big machine that is politics in business. If it deals with people and money and relies on the government for certain things, it has a lot of politics in it. There are regional differences as with many other things and there is hardly a universal solution for all of these aspects.

Conclusion and Takeaways

What each business person needs to focus on are the rules, laws, regulations, and guidelines in their respective country. As mentioned above, this is usually too much for the common folk to handle which is why they hire political consultants and experts who know how to navigate these waters. Politics in business seems like it does not matter when in reality it is an integral part of everything. No matter how much people dislike the governments and politicians in their countries, it does not have too much to do with the systems in place. If running a business or being a part of it in any way is your dream, you must learn a lot about it and comply with what they dictate. Only then can you become a truly successful business person.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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