Top 4 Home Design Software and Tools for 2024

Do you need a degree in design to be able to design the interior of your house? The answer is: most certainly no!

Let’s say you’ve just bought a house or a property of any kind. The next step you need to make is getting it decorated. This is exactly the moment when the majority of people get scared of the process and they reach out to interior designers and other professionals for help.

However, interior designers don’t necessarily have to understand your needs, requirements and preferences, and it’s often really complicated to explain what you really want and and what’s in your head as a vision or idea. Sometimes, you’re not even sure what you want and you need proper guidance throughout the whole process.

Having just the plain floor plan may seem frustrating and intimidating, because it’s almost like you have a completely blank canvas that needs to be filled with different elements: and you’re not sure where to start.

This is where modern technology has entered the stage. You don’t need a degree to become an interior designer or an interior decorator but you most certainly need some knowledge in the field, a good eye for aesthetics and of course, a sense of functionality to be applied in any space.

But do you need anything else? Is there something that could make your life much easier? Whether you are a homeowner who wants to create the most beautiful and inviting living space for yourself and your family, or you are a professional who wants to make a living by nurturing their passion for interior designing – without having to spend years and years learning how to use 3D modeling techniques, programs and software, in order to turn their vision into reality.

Besides your practical need to get things done, combined with love for beautiful interiors and other essentials already mentioned, you will need a home design software or tool to help you in your decorating process!

But what are home design softwares and tools anyway?

Simply put, home design softwares and tools are the simplified versions of some of the most complex programs that interior designers and architects use when designing and decorating a space. Some of the most commonly used programs are programs such as Autodesk 3DS Max, SketchUp PRO, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk AutoCAD and so on.

Each and every of these softwares requires a lot of skills, a lot of knowledge and more importantly a lot of practice to master.

On the other hand, thanks to the implementation of artificial intelligence and thanks to the realisation of people who are platform creators: that the majority of people need solutions that are more simple and more usable, they came up with alternatives.

These alternatives can be used by almost anyone, with little to no prior knowledge, and may be just enough for projects that are not too complex (even the complex ones, if you are a bit more skilled in design).

That being said, here’s our selection of home design software and tools for 2024:


If we talk about the best home design software that will save your time and help you get your project done with ease, it is exactly what you need. This software allows you to get renders of your space and you don’t need to possess too much knowledge about interior design principles, nor usage of complex programs and softwares. allows you to add your floor plan and work from that on, building your interior design starting with pieces of furniture all the way to accessories and decor. The user interface and the whole platform is very intuitive and will allow you to play around with colours, styles and and other elements, only to create the perfect interior for or any space of yours. Finally, it is trusted not only by homeowners, but also by designers all over the world who simply want to reduce their design time.



This tool is amazing if you need 2D or 3D renders of your space. It also has great features that allow you to use elements from their massive library of furniture and decor, but you’ll be able to place or move bigger structures such as walls as well, which means that you can remodel any space with ease. It is a pretty simplified solution for everyone who wants to create a concept for their space in no time. There is also an option called auto furnish which can help you if you’re stuck with your design ideas.


Sweet Home 3D is made for people who have zero knowledge about interior design and who simply want to visualise their space equipped with all the everyday necessities accessories etc. With its drag and drop system it’s very easy to manipulate elements whether those are pieces of furniture or walls and doors. Sweet home 3D is very easy to understand and it also has elements of decor categorised by their purpose, so you’ll be able to choose pieces of furniture specifically made for kitchen, bedroom, living room and so on. More importantly, you will be able to play with colours, textures and design your dream space in minutes.



Homestyler is an amazing option if you want to work with pieces of furniture and accessories that you can buy in real life, because their library is made of thousands of pieces that include affordable brands such as IKEA. It’s great for people who want to decorate individual rooms or simply get a better sense of their space in terms of the interior design and the colours that could be applied to that space. It’s very simple and easy to learn as soon as you understand how it works, which is why non-designer’s adore it and use its features for their small projects.

Use any of these tools and you most certainly won’t make a mistake. Quite the opposite, you can create your dream home or any other space in no time and you’ll be proud of yourself when you see it in real life!

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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