The Benefits of Hiring a Local Corpus Christi Car Accident Attorney 

Over 40,000 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents in the United States in the year 2020 alone. For many of those who survived being involved in a crash, serious, life-altering injuries were sustained. If you or a member of your family were injured in a car accident, the services of a Corpus Christi car accident attorney are invaluable.

Serious car accidents are a financially, physically, and mentally draining experience for those involved. The devastation you experience can be that much worse when the crash is caused by another driver’s negligent actions.

If this is the case, filing a car accident claim could secure you financial compensation for your injuries and damages, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, and reduced quality of life. Unfortunately, getting the recovery you are entitled to is not always a straightforward process.

You will need to work with an attorney who has in-depth experience and can help guide you through the legal process. A skilled Corpus Christi car accident attorney will have experience filing and pursuing injury claims to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Some of the ways in which a Corpus Christi car accident lawyer will be able to help you with your claim include:

Dealing With the Insurance Company

Dealing With the Insurance Company


After a car accident, you are going to have to engage with the insurance carrier before you can be compensated. Unfortunately, in order to get what you are owed from them, you are going to have to put up a fight. Auto insurance companies are businesses which means they are fully committed to doing whatever is necessary to make sure that car accident victims get the lowest settlement possible and, in some cases, even nothing at all.

To accomplish this, they force you to deal with insurance adjusters who represent the best interests of the company. It is their job to frustrate or strongarm you into accepting a lowball settlement that is far less than the actual value of your car accident claim.

When you hire a respected car accident lawyer, the situation is entirely different. An attorney who has been practicing law for years will know all the tricks these adjusters use as well as the most effective methods of beating the insurance company at their own game.

When you have a skilled car accident lawyer fighting for you, you are much more likely to get a fair settlement offer from the insurance company, especially if you work with an attorney who has a reputation for taking cases all the way to court if necessary.

Determining if You Have A Case

Not all car accident victims are entitled to financial compensation. No one wants to waste their money and valuable time pursuing a car accident case that turns out to be invalid or not worth anything.

Most people, however, lack the background and experience to be able to determine this on their own. A reputable car accident lawyer can review the facts of your case and advise you as to whether or not it is worth filing a claim. They can also advise you on the state’s statute of limitations as it applies to your case. If you do proceed with filing, this will ensure that you do not miss any important deadlines.

Proving the Severity of Your Injuries

Proving the Severity of Your Injuries


In order to collect recovery for your damages, you will need to prove that your injuries were caused by the accident. This requires more than just a cast and some stitches. A car accident attorney can thoroughly investigate your crash, collect relevant evidence, interview witnesses, obtain copies of the police report, review your medical records, work with expert witnesses, and build the strongest possible claim on your behalf. Take a look at our informative article regarding emotional recovery after a car accident.

Determining Your Claim’s Value

Do you know how much your claim is really worth? It is a lot more than just your hospital bills and missed paychecks. You also need to take into account future medical bills, decreased earning capacity, pain and suffering, and much, much more. Without any previous experience in claim valuation, you could end up accepting a lowball settlement or filing a claim that is way too low or way too high.

Misvaluing your case lowers your odds of winning. It could also mean you will have to cover some damages out of your own pocket. A good car accident attorney can correctly value your case and make sure that you receive just compensation.

Negotiating a Fair Settlement

Negotiating a Fair Settlement


Negotiations are an unavoidable part of pursuing a car accident claim. These usually involve both the at-fault driver and their insurance carrier. If you do not completely understand every nuance and detail of your case, you will not be able to back your negotiations and will most likely lose your case.

Car accident lawyers are highly trained negotiators who are used to going toe-to-toe with insurance adjusters. Using strong evidence they collected, a car accident lawyer can skillfully prove your damages and adeptly negotiate your case to reach a settlement that truly covers all of your losses.

Representing You In Court

If a fair settlement amount cannot be reached or the insurance company simply refuses to negotiate in good faith, your case will proceed to trial. In court, you will be expected to prove each aspect of your case to a jury while going up against the highly skilled lawyers representing the insurer. Unless you have extensive courtroom experience, this is going to be challenging at best.

When you know a qualified car accident lawyer is representing you in court, you can rest easy knowing they have everything in hand. They will tell you what to expect, and what to say and give you reliable advice on how to maximize your chances of getting the largest settlement possible.

When you are choosing an attorney to represent you, make sure they have experience in taking cases to trial and that they are willing to do so for you should it be necessary. If you hire a lawyer with no trial experience, they might not act in your best interests and urge you to take a settlement that does not reflect the true value of your claim just to avoid having to go to court.

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