How to Avoid High-Interest Loans With Hidden Fees and Costs?

If you want to establish better control over your finances, you must always have a flexible spending plan. This applies not only to reduced spending, but also to credit card payments, as well as the use of loans. Irresponsible behavior will lead to high costs due to missed payments or high fees.

Don’t forget that all this affects your credit score, which is very easy to damage, and you need incomparably more time to fix it. A bad credit score will prevent you from borrowing money in the future. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that, because there are ways to avoid additional costs. Learn how to avoid high-interest loans with hidden fees and costs.

Late payment fees


It is important to build self-confidence when it comes to money management. Reduced consumption comes gradually and it is important to go step by step towards your goal. Think of this as an opportunity to develop healthy habits that will help you in the future. For starters, don’t miss out on payments, as you’ll have large late fees later. However, if you have a problem with your monthly salary, you need to change the method of payment. For example, your income may be different each month, which means that manual payments would be a better option for you.

Credit cards

You must be equally careful when using a credit card, because it is the largest outflow of money in the form of interest. Credit cards can cost you a lot of money if you don’t pay attention to extremely high interest rates. Things may soon spiral out of control, and each new purchase only attracts even more interest. In the end, you get unpaid credit card debt. Don’t act like this if you don’t want a financial burden.

Credit card fees


Annual fees are considered the annual privilege of membership. So, you have the right to buy something in the present, and you can pay for it later. Of course, this type of benefit also brings interest. There is a difference in the cards. For example, you may receive increased reward rates, extended warranties, or other benefits. The problem arises when you ask yourself what the cost of owning a card is. Some benefits are simply not worth the cost. Although this option seems attractive to you now, consider whether you really need it and in how many situations you will be able to use it. So, people who get passes for the airport lounge, and travel once a year, probably do not benefit from them. In their case, it is more convenient to pay for a one-day pass and opt for another type of card.

Other types of cards may charge you for overseas transactions when purchasing foreign currency. The fee is a few percent of the total amount you spend, but you don’t have to agree to it if you want to save. All you need to do is opt for a card that will not charge you this type of fee or you can open a bank account that will give you access to a debit card. You will not have ATM fees with it. There are also balance transfer fees, cash advance fees, late fees, over limit fees, refunded payment fees, and card replacement fees.

Credit limit

You will also incur high costs if you exceed your credit limit. The amount of the monthly credit card limit is an agreement between you and the bank. The amount of the limit will be affected by your creditworthiness, and the indebtedness will affect your interest, fees and the amount of the exceeded credit limit. That is why it is important that you constantly have an insight into your credit card every month. Check the balance online or by phone, because exceeding the agreed loan will impair your credit score.

Repayment of existing loans


Try to at least repay the minimum amount of existing loans. This is especially true for people who take huge loans such as a housing loan. A housing loan is a type of savings, only in the opposite direction. You invest in your future and at the same time you get higher debt and high interest rates. That is why it is important to give as much as possible at the beginning, because this process can take time. You should take advantage of calculator, such as one at, if it is available at the website of your landers. That is the only way to be sure how much you will have to return. Otherwise, hidden cost may pile up.

If you make part-payments, we are sure that you will be less burdened with interest. It would be good to consider early debt repayment. This is an opportunity to avoid paying too much interest on the loan, but only if your bank does not have a part fee and early repayment.

How can I prevent big debts?

If you want to implement a good financial and credit management plan, it is best to follow the following steps. First of all, try to research around before applying for a personal loan. This means that you will consider several different lenders, because each of them probably has different rates and conditions. It is good to consider every option that sounds tempting, because that way you will choose what suits you best. Don’t give up until you’re sure you’re getting the best price. Our advice is to request a list of all fees or to obtain them yourself. This mostly applies to the fees that await you at the beginning of the contract whether you are taking online loans or agreeing to some other bank deals. According to Ikano, online loans have their benefits, and they’ve listed them all, but you still need to be careful.

The reason is the penalty fees that most contracts contain. For example, these are fees for early repayment, late payment, check processing, etc. Don’t forget to get all the information about your credit report. Regardless of the fact that some lenders will advise you otherwise, always check your credit rating before making a decision. It plays an important role in how much your loan will amount to. Any mistake can significantly reduce your credit score.


The bottom line is that you need to be careful with your finances. In an ideal world, you don’t even need loans, but the situation is such that you will definitely need a loan at least someday. And that’s not a bad thing if you know how to avoid hidden fees and costs.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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