6 Perfect Hamptons Style Coffee Tables

A coffee table is often an underestimated piece of furniture, but it is actually very important. One can completely change the look of the space. For example, if you decide on a coffee table that has a very attractive look and a strange shape, you will draw attention to it. You can also use it to emphasize a certain style of the room. So below, read some of the best coffee table options when it comes to Hamptons style.

1. White coffee table

Source: frenchplace.com.au

You can’t go wrong if you opt for hampton coffee table white. For example, a white coffee table made of pine or some other wood will fit in perfectly with the Hamptons style. Depending on your needs, taste and budget, you can opt for any tree.

One of the most popular choices is definitely oak. It is a hard wood that is used to make rich-looking furniture. Oak is a more expensive and exclusive option. You can also opt for pine or fir. We are sure that this light color detail will contribute to the neat and refined look you want to achieve. White is one of the most dominant colors, because it fits into almost any style.

It goes best with a bright, beachy interior. In addition to wood, you can choose a coffee table with a glass plate. If you want to attract attention, we are sure that you will succeed with this choice. To get some more space, opt for a table that has storage space such as drawers, shelves or partitions.

A timeless wooden table will offer you a rich and sensual feeling. It is an equally good choice for families with small children, because it is a very safe piece of furniture. The reason is the hamptons coffee table round does not have sharp corners that can be dangerous for small children, because they are not aware of their environment.

2. Round coffee table

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According to the La Maison furniture and interior design experts, a round coffee table made of quality hardwood is a must. If you choose a model of coffee table that has a grainy finish with irregularities in the wood, you will certainly not go wrong. For example, pay attention to the edges of this piece of furniture. Think of beveled edges, because that way you will get a much more elegant look. You can get an equally good effect if you choose a coffee table that has wide legs. At first glance, they resemble elephant feet, which means that your little table will be unique.

3. Glass coffee table

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The glass construction of coffee tables is very popular in modern furniture production. This means that you can find versatile, striking and interesting designs on the market that you could not see before.

They will probably be connected with metal parts that will make the whole look even more interesting, but this model will fit perfectly into your idea. In addition to the beautiful appearance, this construction is many times stronger than ordinary glass.

This means that you will not only opt for an attractive look but also for safety. If we compare this piece of furniture with ordinary glass, we will notice several reasons. First of all, tempered glass is not prone to scratches, which makes it safer and more durable. Of course, you can choose between different shapes and sizes, bases and colors of glass.

However, if you have children, this may not be a sustainable solution for you. Glass tables get dirty easily, which means that children’s prints will mostly remain on this surface, which will spoil the look of the table.

4. Rectangular hardwood table

Source: valerie-objects.com

While choosing the shape of the table, think about this model. For example, a round wooden table with beveled edges can fit your space perfectly. In that case, you will achieve a very elegant look, especially if we compare it with the previous proposals. This design is simple and complex at the same time. Thanks to the complex details, it is very interesting to watch.

5. Coffee table with a concrete surface

Source: westelm.com

This is definitely the most durable table model on the list of the best Hamptons style coffee tables. The reason is obvious, because it usually relies on a wooden base or metal base. We can say that it is a leader in durability and stability, and yet it is elegant enough to fit in with the rest of the interior. You will be delighted with its surface. It has a concrete surface that is perfectly smooth, and you can find this table in a different shape.

This means that you will easily adapt it to the needs of your space. It is interesting that you can even make it yourself. Of course, there are many affordable concrete models and we are sure you will find one that you like. Some of them can be quite bulky. So don’t forget the dimensions of the sofa and the room, because you don’t want the coffee table to take up space. Leave enough space around the table.

6. Coastal coffee table

Source: royalfurniture.com

One of our suggestions is the coastal coffee table. It will serve as a base for storing books or magazines, small trays, etc. It has a very delicate bow in its shape, and if you combine it with a bold color, you will get a great result. Before you decide on the color, look at the rest of the furniture and their finishing. You can choose these tables in different shapes. This means that it is an equally good option for any room.


After the seating furniture, the club is the most important piece of furniture in your living room. Quality and luxurious coffee table is an indispensable part of the hamptons style. In addition to a beautiful look, it is important to find a model that will suit your needs.

Depending on the activities you carry out in the room, you may drop drinks, newspapers, books on it or just keep the decoration on it. However, when you think about the practical application, it is time to opt for a model that has a special flair with its design.