4 Ways to Grow Your Business With LinkedIn Automation Software

All of you by now probably know about LinkedIn and what it is all about. The nutshell would be it’s a place to advertise your business or find a job. The reality is that LinkedIn is so much more than that but let’s stick with this simple explanation for now.

Today we will be discussing the business side of LinkedIn, or rather the side that can help you promote your business, automate the entire candidate search and advertisement part that can heavily influence your time and resources. In the world of business automation is the key. It allows for more efficiency and effectiveness as well as speeds up certain processes that can be time-consuming and money wasting. One way to speed up the process is by getting more likes for your posts, elevating their reach on LinkedIn. The fastest way to do that is by using the services of LinkedJetpack.

LinkedIn, whether you already did or didn’t know, offers tools within itself that can help you grow your business by automating certain things. Today we will discuss that and today we will tell you what you need to pay attention to have the best LinkedIn automation strategy that will bring you growth almost instantly. Here you will also learn about some tools that will help you do this effectively so enjoy the rest of the article.

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1. Finding tools

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Whenever you are trying to automate your work on LinkedIn and whenever you are going to try and grow your business you need to be mindful of this thing. Choosing the type of software or tool that can hunt for prospects or whatever else you need to will be of utmost importance. This is something that can easily make you more productive elsewhere while it does this tedious job by itself. Any tool that is capable of roaming amongst millions of candidates and picking the correct ones thanks to a given set of guidelines, will make your life much easier. Doing this type of work naturally and going it all by hand is tedious and there is a huge possibility that you will end up losing some of the candidates in the process or simply make a switch. We as humans are prone to mistakes and this is why automation for tedious tasks is really important for us.

2. Reach out tools

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LinkedIn also offers tools that will help you get in touch with those you have found previously. This is the second step in growing your business and it goes right after you found all the candidates that meet your requirements of the criteria that you set in the tools used to find them. The next and natural step is to contact those candidates and reach them quickly and effectively. This second step is also very important, or rather the time to react toward chosen candidates is of the utmost importance. Thanks to automation these tools that LinkedIn allows, both built-in or imported from a third party, can help you speed up the approach time and thus ensure that a fitting candidate is yours first. Now another thing is important here and it is scaling. A good tool that can approach a candidate also has to be scalable because sometimes you will need to scale your business more and you will need a tool that can do that. Going for the right one is important if you want this option right now or shortly. Sometimes the best candidates can be miles away or on different continents and you need to be able to access them.

3. Email scraping tool

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When you have a way to contact a potential candidate you are only halfway there. The thing that you need is contacts and email addresses. An automation tool that is capable of scraping addresses from LinkedIn will be highly useful in the entire process. Finding a fitting person for your business is nothing if you can’t contact them. This is why a well-rounded tool that can scrape emails, and even make cold or warm emails is very important. Having your business page automated halfway doesn’t bring you anywhere so always pay attention to these tools and see what exactly they can and can’t do.

4. Highly personable tools

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Tools that offer a huge number of personalizations are really important for your LinkedIn business automation process. The reality now is that on LinkedIn everyone is bombarded with thousands of prospects reaching out as well as thousands of other businesses fishing for prospects in the same places. Good personalization tools will allow you to, basically, stand out and be a lot louder in the noise that is the business space right now. Setting aside your time to talk with anyone who contacts you will be rather tedious and time and resource consuming. The way to personalize your cold outreach at scale will be important and it will prove to be very effective as well as it will differentiate you amongst all the others.

LinkedIn is a space that allows for so much and there are numerous tools they offer for everything we listed here, but you also need to know that there are software and tools you can export from third parties and plug and play into LinkedIn. This is the whole beauty of everything meaning you can partially automate your business or fully and watch these tools do all this work for you while you and your business reap nothing but benefits.

The last thing that we want to remind you to is to really be careful on the things we listed and try to find tools and software with those characteristics or just find one that has all of this integrated within itself and plug it into your LinkedIn profile. There are so many advantages and so many benefits to be taken from this it is really hard to miss out on. Try everything until you find what suits you and your needs the best. Our advice is to go for the one tool that is highly customizable from top to bottom for best results and best integration with your business and your business page.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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