How Fast Can You Get an International Driving Permit

A driving license is a document issued to inexperienced drivers, who have certain driving restrictions. This document is accompanied by a driver’s license, but can also be part of the training and internship process. However, the term driving license has a broader meaning. The document is intended not only for beginners but also for foreigners traveling to another country. If they need to use a car there, in addition to their driver’s license, they also need this document. According to United Nations standards, this proves that the person has a valid driver’s license issued in the country where he lives.

The international driving license is valid in the member states of the United Nations. The validity of the document is proven by a valid driver’s license issued in your country, together with a valid passport.

On this site here you will find a lot of useful information related to the issuance of this document. What surely interests you is how long does the process of obtaining such a permit take? It usually takes a few hours and then you have a travel document ready. But, it’s not the case in all countries around the world, like the USA, since it may take up to 10 days until you get an answer.

Anyway, there are some things that we must be aware of, and we will talk about them in this article.

What do I need for IDP?


It is good to know at the outset what the conditions are for using a driver’s license in the country where you are traveling. Many countries have a biometric system in place and may not require international documents. Elsewhere they may be mandatory.

What should always be prepared for you is the original passport and driver’s license, as well as the planned travel time. Experienced travelers always leave a few extra days, just in case.

Applying is very easy and can usually be done online. However, if you are not comfortable, you can also apply to the local authority for such documents. Find out in time how much money you need.

International Drivers Permit is approved in 175 countries around the world. Applying is easy, and you need to meet the following conditions:

  • To be older than 18 years
  • Have a valid driver’s license, at least six months old
  • To submit a valid passport

If the criteria are not met, the system automatically rejects you.

Why do you need this permit?


In some countries, it is mandatory to have an IDP, and in some cases, even an International Driver’s License is required for other documents to be valid. It is always better to have an IDP because it is easy and cheap to make.

If you want to drive without restrictions, rent a car or use someone else’s car with a license, you must have a valid document confirming that you have a driver’s license in the country of origin.

The rules may vary from country to country. You can contact travel agencies, consulates, and even foreign ministry services to find out about diplomatic relations between your country and the rest of the world.

Specific rules for different parts of the world


Although the European Union is a community of countries and the same laws apply, each country actually has the right to implement local laws, in line with the recommendations. Thus, the rules for, for example, Greece, Estonia, Cyprus, Spain, are not the same. If you are traveling to the EU, find out exactly about the country you are traveling to. For example, in Cyprus, you need such a document if you stay longer than 30 days, while in Luxembourg you do not need it unless you stay longer than six months. That’s why it’s good to be informed as soon as possible before leaving.

In Norway, permits from countries with a biomaterial system are valid. If you have a paper driver’s license, then you need an IDP, because you do not appear in the system.

In the US you need it in almost every state.

In large countries such as Australia or Canada, you need an IDP, depending on the diplomatic relations established with your home country.

On the European mainland, there are countries that are not members of the European Union, such as Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, where you need to find out what you need to be able to drive a vehicle on their territory. It is best to ask for a diplomatic consulate or consult with the Ministries for Foreign Affairs, to find out what do you need.

An easy process that is not worth the risk


Applying for IDP is short and easy and does not cost much money. This gives you a license to drive in another country, without risking being stopped by the police and having problems with the law.

The process begins the moment you find out where and when you need to travel.

In fact, you can get the document online and save it on your phone. IDP is only valid with your passport and driver’s license, so be sure to get them. This is true even if you travel to countries with which you do not have a border regime, such as EU countries.

The risk of paying high fines is not worth the minimum amount you pay for this document.

Even if you have an accident, it is IDP that will help you assert your rights to compensation from insurance companies.


Driving in a foreign country is a really big responsibility. Even the most experienced drivers are scared when they drive in another country for the first time. But as long as you follow the rules and have the necessary documents with you, you should not feel worried.

If you are planning to drive a car, always find out about these details in time.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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