Full Set of Veneers Cost

How much does a Full set of veneers cost? Human beings have been trying to improve their aesthetics since the very first day of their existence on earth. Whether it’s about physical appearance or personality, a human is always curious to look better than others of his kind.

Smiling is an important component of this struggle. From carving grooves in teeth by the Vikings to modern day humans cementing pearly stones on their teeth, the intention was the same.

A perfect smile with a perfect dentition can not only enhance aesthetics but can improve confidence too. Numerous studies are available to highlight the fact that dental disorders can have a powerful impact on psychosocial behaviour of a human.

Thus, to achieve a perfect smile, dentistry had always been a continuous process of research. Veneers are also an important part of this advancement.

What are Veneers?

What are veneers? In simple words, just like in the makeup industry: concealer is for dark circles, same are the veneers for teeth in dentistry. The purpose is to hide minor defects in your dentition like minor spaces between teeth, discolouration, pitting, superficial cracks etc. Veneers cannot be purposed for alignment of proclaimed, retro lined, or the teeth in severe malocclusion. Such disorders are to be treated with other appliances or orthodontic treatment. Visit dentakay.com to learn more about veneers.

What is the cost of a full set of veneers?

The cost of a treatment at any health setup depends on multiple factors. Nowadays, a good quality setup with an up-to-date hygiene standard, experienced staff and using best materials are the first demands of any patient. For knowing an estimated cost of veneers, it is important to look into the clinical procedure and types of veneers.

How are the Veneers made?

How are the Veneers made? Just like any other treatment, Veneers installation is a multi-step procedure. After a thorough oral examination along with the required diagnostic aids, the dentist diagnoses the patient for veneers placement. It will be absurd to place Veneers on a decayed, mobile or even painful tooth.

The selected tooth / teeth for veneers undergoes a minimally invasive filing procedure. The purpose of this tooth slenderising is to make space for the incoming veneer. This is an important prerequisite for veneers as without this, the outcome will be very unappealing with bulky looking teeth.

Usually, no anaesthesia is required for this procedure as the goal is to protect the living tissue of the tooth. After giving desired shape to the teeth, the traditional way is to take an impression, bite and colour of the teeth.

This whole data is sent to the laboratory where suitable veneers are constructed and sent back to the clinic. This procedure is pretty much technique sensitive with a potential margin of error. It can be a difficult task for patients with a strong gag reflex too.

CAD/CAM technique for veneers;

With the advancement in technology, modern dentistry has also been improved and refined. The replacement of old and traditional ways with modern yet efficient techniques have enhanced the patient’s experience. In CAD/CAM technique, impressions for the desired teeth are scanned into a computer with a special device.

It can also imitate a patient’s bite and can predict suitable colour for veneers too. The data is then fed into a software which builds a computer-generated cast on which the veneers are made with a minimum margin for error. The final veneers are then cemented onto their respective teeth.

How many types of veneers are available?

According to LumiaDental, veneers are classified into two groups as direct and indirect veneers. Direct veneers are constructed and cemented inside the mouth of the patient. It can be a single visit procedure thus avoiding the hassle of the laboratory and a longer waiting time. Whereas indirect veneers are made in the laboratory in a more detailed process. These can be of three types.

Temporary veneers:

These are used for a short period of time. It can be on a trial basis for the patient to get himself familiarised with the veneers. Patients also select temporary veneers when their permanent ones are to be made in the laboratory and require a few days.

It is important to know that temporary veneers are not identical to the original ones. Their material and colour are different than what has been designed and selected for the permanent veneers.


Lumineers can be regarded as the thinnest form of veneers available. As other veneers can be 0.5 to 0.7 millimetres thick, lumineers are just 0.3 to even 0.2 millimetres thick. These are also made of laminate, giving them a translucent appearance. Lumineers are mostly used for discoloured teeth. Another advantage of lumineers is that there is much less need for filing the teeth as compared to other veneers.

Porcelain veneers;

Porcelain veneers are the most used type of veneers worldwide. With a thickness of approximately 0.5 millimetres, they are stronger and more durable. They provide a natural appearance to the teeth and can cover underlying chips or cracks too. In fact, these are the most popular type of veneers among celebrities.

So how much does a full set of veneers cost?

A full set of veneers depends on how wide the smile of a patient is. Mostly when a patient talks or smiles, there is a showing of 8 upper teeth and 6 lower teeth. Hence a full set of veneers can include somewhere between 12 to 16 teeth.

As we have discussed in the start, veneers are a cosmetic procedure. This is the reason why mostly this is not covered by insurance. How much does a Full set of veneers cost? According to the American Dental Association, veneers can cost you between $925 and $2500 per tooth. Quite a lot for you?? Don’t worry we got your back.

Turkey has been a center of attraction for tourism from quite a time. The history that this country possesses is unique and mesmerising in its own way. Not only that, but the health tourism had also been increasing in Turkey due to the better medical facilities being provided to both national and international patients.

How much does a Full set of veneers cost? In Turkey, you can expect to pay from $2500 to $3500 for a complete set of veneers including additional services of consultation, diagnostic aids etc. Not only that, the price package of veneers in Turkey for international patients includes several other perks like airport reception, transportation and even accommodation too.

Another thing loved most among our patients is the sterilisation protocols we followed at our clinic. Veneers are one of the options we provide in achieving a Hollywood Smile for our patients.

The quality work and reasonable prices offered at our setup along with various other added perks, has helped us in gaining our worthy patient’s trust. Because we believe in spreading not just “the smiles” but “the confident smiles”.

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