From the Lara Phenomenon to Online Interactive Sex Games: How the Games Industry and Players Influence One Another

Today, playing electronic interactive games, especially online, has been a common phenomenon in the United States since 40 years ago and with each passing year, the games seem to be becoming more and more “real”. Interactivity is the most significant factor in the popularity of games. The development of electronic games is also followed by the development of the players’ awareness of these interactive games. The point is that “both sides” mutually influence each other. On the one hand, the development of electronic games is strongly influenced by “people’s tastes” and on the other hand, game content ultifreemately affects how the players behave in everyday life. The result is displayed in the form of effects that appear after a group of players play a game. Some are short-term immediate effects and others are long-term effects.

Game content is what is at the core of every game. For most people, content is the only reason why they choose one game and reject another. There are many studies that work on understanding the differences in the depiction of race and gender in interactive games and most of these studies state that there are some distinctive tendencies, for example, masculine characters are more dominant and generally, they (who dominate and become the main character) are fair-skinned, white…

Lara Phenomenon


But more than a decade ago it seems the trend started to change. Precisely since the appearance of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. This is a female hero full of sexuality who becomes the dominating main character. Since Tomb Raider, there have been more games with lots of interactive elements where women are central. This is the so-called Lara phenomenon, in reference to sexy Lara Croft, the hero of Tomb Raider. The Lara phenomenon is massively spread. While it can’t really replace male dominance in games, it does eat away at it. Especially in various free interactive sex games for adults in which women seem to play an important role, both as subjects and objects at

However, male dominance has begun to erode, and slowly but surely the role of women has begun to poke upwards. They (female characters) advance to the top while emphasizing their physical appearance (their sexual side). It seems that there are no simple female characters who dominate the game universe. But on the other hand, racial differences don’t really matter. In other words, there is no dominance of white women as we usually see with Caucasian men. It seems that (Western) society has begun to accept more “non-traditional characters” in various online interactive games and films. Now the figure of a Caucasian man as the main character is no longer the only idea.

Basically, games represent how people see the world. Most of the people of course because not all opinions can be generalized. Some studies have focused on portraying gender and race, and others have focused more on the stereotypes that games carry and how players can be affected. Basically these two aspects influence each other even though most people (even the players) don’t realize it.

The Lara phenomenon is not the only one


The Lara phenomenon is certainly not the only one. There are many other phenomena that are raised by the emergence of certain games. By adding interactivity, you will be able to impress your audience like never before. However, the development of games cannot be separated from how society develops. And also related to how technology develops. Today more and more people are playing their favorite games on their respective mobile phones. Games are getting easier to reach and easier to influence the players, both in the short and long term. The resulting effects can be divided into two; good and bad. Of course, the bad effects need to be minimized with full awareness. Full of awareness here is that every player needs to realize that they can’t mix everything in the game into the real world. There are always exceptions. Likewise, when players feel the positive effects of playing electronic games, they may try to take it as much as possible but they must realize that not all of them can be “applied” in everyday life. As simple as that.

Free Adult Games


Adult games are another that “emerged” from a combination of imagination and digital technology. Basically, online adult games are interactive stories or visual novels that carry pornographic themes, of course not suitable for underage children. Games today are a further development of the pornography industry which is growing from year to year. In essence, adult games are the same as “regular games” but with an adult theme (pornography). For many players, these games are the quencher of their thirst. They have long wanted to play something adult themed.

There are many porn games to choose from but only some of them are fun to play. Most of these sex games can be played on mobile with graphic quality that is not inferior to or comparable to what popular mobile games such as Mobile Legends have to offer for example. Contrary to what some people imagine, that online sex games only sell sex scenes without narration and game action, now most sex games that you can play online for free have a clear and structured interactive story pattern, just like most games.

Many well-known developers are now getting interested in developing “sex games”. They feel that there is nothing wrong with developing porn-themed games as long as the distribution has been clearly regulated so that it does not directly target minors. Of course, all forms of distribution of legal electronic games, including the ones with porn themes have been strictly regulated by each country. So as long as all the rules are followed there should be no worries about such games can be played by children.

However, the Lara phenomenon and sex games are just a few of what is produced by the combination of imagination and the development of digital technology in the global games industry. If 13 years ago the Lara phenomenon had its momentum, today online sex games are at their peak. Want more information about online sex games? Hopefully, what has been described in this article is useful for you. Thanks for reading.

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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