From Esports To Blackjack: The Surprising Similarities Between Video Games And Casino Gaming

We all spend much of our time online, and, more often than not, we are playing video or casino games. Of course, these two industries differ in many ways, but you might be surprised that they also have plenty of things in common.


Probably the most important thing these two industries have in common is that they both have various types of rewards for players. Namely, almost every new game today has many rewards for players, especially for those who are spending hours playing, while casinos also have plenty of bonuses for their players, like welcome bonuses, deposits, free spins, and the most important one, loyalty bonuses. The reason why the latter is the most important is that players are always looking to gain loyalty points in video games while searching for the casino with the best loyalty policy for players is also highly popular.

Multiplayer feature


Playing games online is fun, as there are so many of them that you must find the one that suits you the most. Of course, the entire experience is much better when you play with other people instead of bots, and this is also a huge similarity between these two industries. Namely, gambling online is also much more interesting when you play against an actual person, or in case you play blackjack, against a dealer. The best way to describe this is by stating that live dealer games are much more popular.

Both require certain skills

Although it might seem like it is only about luck, playing esports games or blackjack requires certain skills and can be pretty challenging in the beginning. Inexperienced players might find the beginning pretty difficult, but with enough practice, it is possible to become a much better player. Video games and card games require tactics, and each of them has rules we need to learn and understand if we want to play. Because of that, relying just on luck is never a good idea, whether we speak about gambling or playing for fun.

They are addictive


People who love playing cards or esports games will agree that they are an extremely interesting way to spend free time, but many are not aware of how addicting they can be. Namely, thanks to the fact that we cannot experience two completely the same rounds or matches, and the possibility of winning some money, we can forget about the time and easily spend an entire night playing. Since both of them are highly addictive, it is important to be responsible and learn when it is time to stop. If not, you might need professional help.

To summarize

As you can see, there are much more similarities between esports and gambling than most people think, and these are just some of them. Both of the activities are extremely interesting and a great way to spend some free time or even have fun with friends, thanks to the multiplayer feature. If you are new in this world and want to try your luck and maybe even win some money, visit

Dragana Kodzo
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