Flower Delivery in New York City on Halloween Eve with Sahola

Flowers and Halloween – are those two words compatible? And in the heart of America? For those who don’t like to read too much, we’ll give the answer right away:

Yes. Sending Halloween Flowers is a thing in New York.

Whether you’re in it for the candy, the costumes, or to be scared out of your wits, it’s no mistake that this ancient Celtic tradition has evolved dramatically over the past few years. Known to be a beloved and widely celebrated holiday in NYC, New Yorkers gear up for October 31st in the very first day of the month.

However, there is one unique tradition getting a lot of hype right now: The Halloween Bouquet. This peculiar blend of beauty and horror in floral arrangements captures the essence of the holiday, offering a fascinating contrast that leaves the receiver both delighted and jus a tad bit spooked.



Did you know Halloween was originally called ‘Samhain’? Its history can be traced back to over 2,000 years to the Celtic people of ancient Britain and Ireland. Samhain marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, a time when the boundary between the living and the dead was believed to blur. People would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off malevolent spirits, while also paying tribute to their deceased loved ones.

Over the centuries, Halloween transformed and merged with various other traditions, including Christian influences, such as All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, and immigrant customs. It eventually evolved into the holiday we know today, characterized by trick-or-treating, haunted houses, and festive decorations.

However, the spirit of Samhain, with its connection to the supernatural and the macabre, still lingers in the modern celebration of Halloween.



Amidst the grit and glamor, Halloween presents an interesting premise to New Yorkers old and new: “How do I capture the fun and freakiness of this holiday?” In the bustling streets of New York City, the Halloween bouquet has become a sought-after gift, embodying the duality of the holiday. These floral arrangements strike a delicate balance between beauty and horror, making them a unique and captivating addition to Halloween celebrations.

Halloween bouquets often incorporate traditional flowers like roses, lilies, and dahlias, beautifully arranged to create an elegant and visually appealing centerpiece. These flowers add a touch of sophistication to the spooky theme while retaining their natural charm.

A staple in Halloween bouquets, deep red roses symbolize both love and the eerie atmosphere of the holiday. These roses evoke a sense of passion and romance while hinting at the darker aspects of Halloween. To infuse an element of horror, Halloween bouquets feature unconventional accents such as black feathers, skeletal leaves, and dried blood-red berries. These additions create an unsettling yet captivating aesthetic that is perfect for the season.

pumpkin-shaped halloween flower pots - flowers

Another aspect of the Halloween bouquet is the choice of container. Many arrangements come in dark, gothic-style vases or even pumpkin-shaped pots, adding an extra layer of thematic appeal.

Some Halloween bouquets go beyond the traditional with a whimsical twist, incorporating miniature witches’ hats, broomsticks, and other supernatural elements. These arrangements offer a playful take on the holiday’s spookier side.

For a truly eerie touch, some Halloween bouquets feature glow-in-the-dark elements. Flowers or accents that emit an eerie glow in the dark can add an extra layer of frightful fun to your Halloween décor.

Halloween in New York City has come a long way from its Celtic origins, but its essence still resides in the fascination with the supernatural and the mysterious. The Halloween bouquet beautifully captures this essence by melding the beauty of traditional flowers with the spooky and eerie elements that define the holiday. Whether you’re sending a Halloween bouquet as a gift or decorating your own home, it’s a perfect way to celebrate the enchanting contradictions that make Halloween in New York City a uniquely thrilling experience.

So, as the city gears up for Halloween Eve, consider embracing the tradition of the Halloween bouquet and adding a touch of beauty and horror to your celebrations.

Bobana Hemun
Bobana Hemun

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