A First-Timer Tourist Guide for Budapest, Hungary

If you plan a tour in Central Europe and haven’t decided what cities to visit, choose Budapest to be the city of your destination. This Hungarian capital has gained popularity over the years and is one of the most attractive cities for tourists.

It’s the best city for first-time explorers; it is packed with excellent historical sites and relaxing baths, not forgetting the Hungarian best dishes. Watch out for the places to visit when you visit Budapest city.

A Tour Guide for Budapest

Budapest has a rich history dating back to the Stone Age. The city was part of the Roman Empire, Turks, and many others; it is also the home of some UNESCO World Heritage like Buda Castle district, fisherman’s bastion, heroes’ square, and chain bridge.

Initially, Budapest was three different cities, but in 1873 the cities got unified, hence the name Budapest. The city has the western side ‌ they refer to it as Buda, while the eastern side refers to it as a pest. The Buda is quieter and more luxurious, where you will have a peaceful time when exploring, while the pest is action-filled, where you can shop and have other fun experiences.

Here are some places you can enjoy your visit while in Budapest

1. The Las Vegas Corvin, Budapest

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After spending the whole day exploring the magnificent European architecture like the saint Stephen’s basilica, you can enjoy your cocktail in the evening at the Las Vegas casino, which is the biggest casino in Hungary. Enjoy the world-class services as you punter in their unique tables where you can play punto Blanco, blackjack, and Texas hold em, among other games.

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2. Buda Castle hill

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Castle Hill has the city’s best medieval monuments and museums, and among them, you will find the famous 18th-century Buda Castle, also known as Budavári Palota. You didn’t know that this place that has 200-rooms replaced a 13th-century castle that was built by Mongols to protect them from tartar attacks.

During World War II, the castle became severely damaged, but they restored the exterior, which now acts as several museums. The museums include the Hungarian national gallery and Budapest history museum, which occupy four floors of the southern wing. If you would love to have a tour guide in Budapest, you can book one and enjoy your vacation.

3. Fisherman’s Bastion

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In the Middle Ages, the city fishers built the fisherman’s bastion (Halászbástya) as a defense wall; They erected the wall between 1895 and 1902. The city stands as one of the major tourist attractions and from this point you can see the beautiful view of the city.

You visit and take beautiful photos while feeding your eyes with a panoramic view of Buda throughout the year. You can also enjoy a meal in case you get hungry. There is a café on the terrace. With just a small fee, you will have so much to see.

4. The Danube promenade

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You can take a stroll along the Danube promenade, where you will see vintage points of gorgeous architecture. You will find shoes on the Danube bank memorial on the northeast side, which has 60 pairs of steel shoes sculpted along the bank.

The pair of shoes are there to mark the shooting of Jews by Nazis and the cruelty Hungary suffered during World War two. At the bank, you board a boat and take a ride down the river and enjoy the city’s view.

5. The Matthias church

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The Matthias church (church of our lady) is a famous landmark in castle hill, completed in 1269 and depicts the death of Mary, which was added in the 1300s.

The church has quite a history because, during the Turkish occupation of 1541-1699, this monumental church was used as a mosque but later was renovated in baroque style.

The church has been the venue of many historical events like the coronation of King Charles 1 in 1309 and the coronation of emperor Franz Joseph 1 of Australia. During the coronation, Franz Liszt composed his coronation mass.

Visit the church and learn the church history in the ecclesiastical art museum found in the church. There is a collection of sacred relics and stone carvings.

6. Don’t miss Gilbert Hill’s exploration

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Take a tour to the striking panoramic gilbert hill and see the geological fault with medicinal springs that feed Gellert spa and Rudas bath, which have been visitor magnets since the 13th century.

The Rudas bath is one of the Turkish building remains, and here you will find a few authentic Turkish bath houses that are still in use since the 1600s.

The Gillert monument is a monument of a beloved Hungary saint that will catch your eye on the northeast slope of the hill. The Benedictine monk died in 1046, and the hill takes after his name. There is also an artificial waterfall that is so gorgeous and adds to the city’s beauty.

Hope you have not forgotten about the jubilee park that they laid to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the October revolution. You will find excellent walkways, irresistible flowerbeds, and sculptures in the park.

7. The museum of fine arts

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The museum of fine arts is historically one of Budapest’s most crucial art galleries and home to a vast collection of old European masters. If you are an art lover in this museum, you will find extensive Spanish, Italian and Dutch paintings displayed in 19th-century rooms.

They have divided the museum into 6 departments: Egyptian art, the old painter gallery, the old sculpture gallery, the graphic collection, and the modern collection. The museums’ rich massive collection will amaze you.

You can also check Hungarian masters’ exhibitions in the palace of art adjacent to the museum of fine arts. You will find the exhibition of Picasso, David Hockney, and other Hungarian masters.


Budapest is one destination you can visit and revisit without getting enough of it. It’s a city with a rich, exciting history. You can visit the city for different reasons other than to learn history, medicinal purposes, or just a simple gate away. Budapest is a place to be; don’t miss out on the fun.

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